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home plans

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Flat Layout

Google Sketchup has gotta be the most amazing thing ever. haha. After I found out about it, I spent more than 12 hours playing around with it, and then coming up with our home layout. Prior to that, both Donald and I have been drawing them on copies and altered copies of our floor plan. Which was sorta insane. Having this just gave us a better look at how our home will look like if we were to design it a certain way. I’m really loving it!! =) 

Donald and I have fallen into a routine back in SG. A sorta comfortable one. I’m getting spoilt without having to cook and clean. Having said that, I finally had a chance to bake yesterday. I had been dying to bake something, and the idea of cupcakes came up. A few days later, a link appeared on @jamieteo’s tweet, which was a sign obviously. =P  The cupcake pops were so adorable! How could you not resist them?? I decided to give it a shot. I bought the ingredients over a span of two days whilst waiting for Donald at Clementi. 

I SO failed. DOH. I did think that they were alot of work, having to bake a cake first, followed by putting cream cheese frosting, and then rolling them into litle balls, and then making the shape. But I tried. They wouldn’t stick, they wouldn’t shape, and when I dipped them into the chocolate, they fell apart! The white chocolate wouldn’t remain fluid and became pasty. =( 

Seriously, I was quite upset, and then thought of throwing everything away and never see it again. haha. Donald came in and gave me a hug and told me to do with what I could do rather than throwing it all away. I gave it a thought and then told myself, screw it. it’s cute in the shape on Bakerella’s, but if I can’t do it that way, i’ll do it MY way.  and I ended up with little cupcake balls, with their tops dipped in chocolate, and with star sprinkles on the top. they don’t look really nice, but they don’t taste half bad. =P 

And I learnt the essential lesson of FOLLOWING THE DAMN RECIPE. I substituted cake mix with sponge cake mix, chocolate buttons with couverture chocolate (i loooove  couverture chocolate). So hah. Okay, when I get my new place, I will bake them again. 

And I was thinking of cheating by using a mini muffin tray, so maybe I will do so the next time. *inno* 

Donald and I had quite decent weekends for the past two weeks. My birthday celebrations sorta stretched into 2 weeks. *grin* nothing fancy, just eating alot. On the morning of the actual day, we slept in, then headed out for my favourite porridge buffet at Suntec Centre, then went for a walk in the Food and Travel expo. We went out smelling fresh, and out smelling like we had been barbecuing for hours. GAHH. Went to check out movie timings at GV Marina so that we could use my voucher to catch Clash of the Titans, but apparently it was too new so we watch any. But we did go for a massage! The foot reflexology was awesome as usual, but the rest of it was abit…bleh. 

Tuesday was spent with a small group of friends from church, and we went out for desserts at Benten Cafe at Iluma, Bugis for that legendary bucket of ice cream. We went crazy with photographs with it came out obviously. hehe. I mean, look how big it is! It took 7 of us to finish all of it, and sitting outside, were 3 skinny girls who finished it all by themselves. -_-” Eh, we were eating in moderation. Too old to finish so much ice cream between 3 people liao. hahaha. 

Joyce, Icecream & Ron

 Oh, the highlight of the week? Scoring Jay Chou concert tickets!! The online purchase was insane! All tickets were sold out within 2 hours. We managed to get our 5 tickets all sitting together. We only found out that heaps of people weren’t able to get seats together and had to resort to buying single seats just so they could attend the concert. Donald was just saying that we were lucky to have been able to get the tickets, let alone sit together. I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT!! hehe. 

Following Saturday was our 6th month SG-wedding anniversary AND our 5th year dating anniversary. *beams* Very happy to have reached the 5 year mark leh. Granted we are not really dating liao, and should just concentrate on celebrating wedding years. haha. Well, if getting together wasn’t that interesting, I wouldn’t be that bothered by it. =P We used another of my birthday vouchers and went to 2am:dessertbar at Holland Village for dessert after a dinner of laksa. 

The lounge chairs were so comfy!! The right position for watching a movie at home. I actually went to ask the waitress who did the chairs. hahaha. Donald and I reckoned that the chairs for two would probably cost more than $2k if we were even remotely interested in getting them done. (I am more than remotely interested, but Donald will probably kill me..) The desserts were good, very chocolatey, and the vinegar chocolate wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Our sorbets were awesome though, and they were all handmade. I peeped over the bar counter and saw them handmaking all the chocholate! The 2 pieces of marshmallows that I received were lavendar marshmallows. It was sweet, and a little like eating potpourri. Otherwise, it was good. =P 

This weekend, we are chilling in, finishing some overdue work, before going out to play tomorrow. Speaking of which, I’ve procrastinated enough (I even put photos in my entry! =P) Time to get back to work. =D

1 mth SGW anniversary

I think I’m all celebration out. hahah. Can someone be sick of celebrating? Hmm, possibly. Gonna be a chor week. Eating out wise.

Tuesday. Our 1 mth SG-wedding (henceforth known as SGW) anniversary. I had mentioned that we had booked a table at the C Restaurant in Perth for dinner. It’s a restaurant on the 33rd floor of a commercial building. And apparently it’s a revolving restaurant, with a 360 degree view of the city. On Tuesday evening, I was on Google Maps looking for potential parking spots, and I ended up reading reviews about the food and the restaurant. The general consensus was that it wasn’t worth the food and you’ll end up paying for the view.

Food vs view. If we were going out to eat..obviously we’d want to pay for the food right? Donald said he’d rather own the view, than the pay for the view for that period. I did think maybe we should give the restaurant the benefit of doubt. Umm..nah, on a night like this, we were better off going for food that we definitely know will taste good.

So off to Hyatt we went! hahaha. That’s like a regular celebration haunt for us. I don’t know if I said this before. The first time we were there, I filled up a feedback form. A couple of weeks later, the Hyatt sent me a brochure and application form for the Hyatt Club membership. We sorta dismissed it. The membership would cost us $250 annually. However, we really liked the Cafe at Hyatt, and the membership will entitle us to a 50% discount should we dine at the Cafe. But we thought, well, at $55/pp for dinner, how often would we go there?

How WRONG we were. *laugh* We’ve been to the Hyatt so many times over the past year that we could have covered the membership cost and more had we applied for it. Geez. Now I’m so tempted to make the application, but you know, it’s like we’re not sure when we’ll get tired of the food there, and having the card will make us more obligated to have a meal there just so that we can utilise it, rather than just wanting to go there as and when.

Ah wells. All on hindsight. =P

Wednesday. Finally got a chance to catch up with Rachel for dinner tonight. We had Daisy (Rachel’s 1.5yr old) with us and it was so lovely to catch up with Rachel. I haven’t had a chance to have a girly talk with her ever since the wedding, so it was nice to do that tonight. She finally came over to our place for the first time, and it was quite cute to see Daisy reacting to the cats. =D I so love girly nights out. haha.

Ken’s gonna be in town this Friday! and 3rd & 27th Dec! Trying to get him to swap the 27th for the 25th, cos of the Boxing Day sales!! If he manages to do that, we’ll drag him out of bed at 9am to go wait in the queues for the shops to open. hahah. It’s fun and it’s a ritual for me! I don’t have family around for Xmas, so the next best is to go shopping on Boxing Day to make up for it. =P Till then, a meal with Ken is a must and then we’ll go shopping this Friday! Can’t wait. =D

Trying to convince Donald to get me a juicer for a Xmas pressie. haha. And then I’ll get a frying pan for myself as a Xmas pressie..or rather say it’s for Donald! Cos he gets the end result, which is better cooked meals? =P *fingers crossed* =P

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gluttony weekend and more

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I want up till 5am Saturday morning, writing almost 60 post-its, and taking photos of them in their new layout. my poor neck. gah. But what do you think of it?

I’m glad that I had the company of my two cats for the entire night. haha. They woke up occasionally for a rub, looking up bleary-eyed. Thomas was happily entertained for a good 20mins with a scrunched up post-it. It was tiny enough for him to pick it up with his mouth and it was funny to watch him swat it, bounce around it and then claiming it with his paw whilst taking a rest. It got quiet just after midnight when both of them snuggled up against each other on my armchair and sleeping for the night.  The study room was warm and toasty, they had the two new chairs to themselves, and I had my chair to myself.

Had one of those midnight instant noodles craving after I was done with uploading the photos and Donald had gone off to work. So bad =( How not to put on weight like that?? But going to bed satiated was even better. Warm and comfy. mmM. Crashed for the next 5 hours before waking Donald up for…*drum roll* dim sum! haha. It’s a ritual thing with us I guess. Very rarely do we not have dim sum on a weekend. the freshly brewed pot of jasmine tea is just so refreshing on a cold morning. and watching the servers place little baskets of steaming food in front of you..definitely puts the ‘yum’ in yum cha. (haha, so corny). Went to run a few more errands, picking up ribbons for the invites in SG, and confirming the suit hire for the wedding. By the time we were done, we were so sleepy that we went home to crash, having had only about 4 hours sleep the night before.

And crash we did. The next time I woke up, the sky was dark and it was already 7.30pm. Well..not a surprise really. As for Donald. *grumbles* I was promised rice porridge for dinner, cos it was a cold night, and soon to be weekend. Woke him up at 8.45pm, and when I told him what the time was, he did not believe me and prompty went back to sleep again. Tried waking him up at 9.45pm, and he still thinks that it’s early in the evening, even though it was PITCH black outside. Guess who had frozen nuggets & chips for dinner? =(

Because we ended up waking up at an unearthly 7am the next morning (after about 15hrs of sleep for Donald!!), I thought, let’s go for a buffet breakfast! I’ve been DYING to go for one ever since we discovered the awesome dinner buffet at Hyatt Regency Perth. We called a couple but they were all fully booked, and the only ones left were, well, sorta expensive. We ended up settling for a breakky at the Parmelia Hilton ($35pp, tho I think it was supposed to be $38.50). I was almost beside myself being there. I’m the kind of eater that loves a little bit of everything. Yeah, I could pay $20 for a good full breakfast at a decent cafe, but I want variety! And I was dreaming of fluffy pancakes, and fresh fruit, and yoghurt..and scrambled eggs. haha. I had a quick look around, and I saw..*gasp* Coco Pops! Ever since I saw Jolene’s small box of Coco Pops, I’ve been craving for some. But I know that if we were to buy a box, it’s gonna take me forever to finish it, and the reluctant Donald will have to finish them up. I dived into a tiny bit of Coco Pops, banana chips, dried apricots, sunflowerseeds and we were ready to go. It was such an awesome breakfast. There was even a juicer at the juice table for you to juice your own concoction of fruit juice! I’m satisfied now haha..won’t bug Donald for another buffet. =P He wasn’t keen on the whole idea cos of the price (I guess at $38.50pp, who would be keen?) BUT he said he’d rather go than see me sulk and be unhappy for the rest of the day. haha. Yay!

Dinner was rice porridge. FINALLY. It was storming so badly outside. There was hail too! The best kind of food for these kind of weather (apart from soup) has to be rice porridge served with condiments like mince pork with garlic & soy sauce, fried eggs and stir-fry cabbage! I got the fiance to cook an extra portion so I can bring some to work for lunch the following day. He cooks my favourite kind of rice porridge, not watery, but sticky! Sorta like a congee but sticker than that. The kind that I’ve tried cooking before but it turned out cakey. Bah.

The countdown for home begins! It’s gonna be a really packed trip back. Like an hour after I touch down, I already have to meet some friends for dinner to discuss some wedding stuff. I feel bad for not being able to spend a little bit more time with the parents. The first night is usually spent sorting out pressies, and for this trip, the engagement session photos as well. So yeah. Meh. Anyways, gotta repack my suitcase. Things are heavier than I thought it was, and I haven’t packed in the fiance’s stuff too! Oops. haha.