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final weekend

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final weekend of the 2nd longest holiday that I’ve ever taken since I’ve been employed, is just around the corner.

can’t believe it’s just all happened, and time flew by! from just 2 weeks before the wedding, to the wedding, then flying off 2 days later, and having our honeymoon in Japan for 2 weeks and the coming back for another week.

bloody intense trip if I might say so. =P

bits and pieces of events to come up shortly, once we go back to Perth and get our lives settled back to normal. Photos will be uploaded as well, one event at a time. Some from the wedding in Singapore from various cameras and then the lot from the wedding photographer. =D CAN’T WAIT! hehe

Better do my thank-yous first before they are left too late! Ick. Major thanks to:

The Aisle Wedding Boutique for being so accommodating and having to deal with us all the way from overseas, esp to Eddie. They kindly lent us clothes accessories for our wedding in Perth too! Really really appreciated them for that. Definitely saved us a couple of hundred bucks! And absolutely love the purple evening gown that was designed. To be absolutely not modest (haha), I thought I looked gorgeous in it. =D

Derrick Ong Photography. What can I say. This guy is a fantabulous and awesome! He was basically up for anything and everything that Donald & I suddenly thought of for photographs. All of us (incl. bridal party) were so comfortable with him. He was the wedding consultant for the day too..haha, helping out when we had no idea what to do for the tea ceremony. Really helpful and generous guy who allowed family with cameras to go ahead with taking photographs before himself. I have nothing but praises! =)

– Grand Hyatt Singapore. Brenda Wee & her team who managed the event on 17th October 2009. I know these people are used to such events, BUT I’m still amazed. The whole night went off without a hitch. Music, videos (okay, there was one, but it was a compatibility thing and it was fixed!), food and everything! Brenda also had to liase with me via email. I mean, a wedding’s such a huge thing, esp with 250 people, and I met Brenda a total of 4 times I think. She basically got what we wanted.

I can’t compare between the two weddings cos they are on differently levels.  Definitely awesome awesome wedding with awesome awesome friends. =D

quick word

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waiting for Donald to sort out some train timings for our journey to Haneda airport, and then onwards to Sapporo! absolutely can’t wait. We’ve had some awesome memories in Hokkaido, so definitely looking forward to revisiting some familiar places.

It’s been a whirlwind weekend and trip for us. The wedding on Saturday was awesome, on a whole level different to the one we had in Perth. We had fun at the outdoor shoot even though it was scorching. Thanks to my lovely bridesmaids and groomsmen who made the whole day so memorable! =) We had a lovely photographer who indulged in various silliness of us as well. haha.

Will attempt to blog the day bit by bit, followed by our trip. Hopefully there’ll be a fair bit of decent photos! Can’t wait for the wedding photos to be done! hehe.

Till then, it’s off to Umeda, Osaka for shopping. 2.6km of shopping streets! *swoon*

awesome memory

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Donald and I are in the papers! haha.

Our wedding is featured in Perth’s online papers, WAToday. Imagine the honour of getting asked to be interviewed! Okay, I’d like to think it’s all about us, but it’s also about the wonderful photographer from White Tulip Photography, Amanda Bowler. =) She took some really awesome photos. But what an awesome memory to have our wedding featured! A story for the kids and family in the future. haha.

Ohoh, I better do some decent thank-yous here! =)

– to Nicole Forde for making me feel beautiful! She’s amazing with makeup & hair!
– to Moving Still for the most amazing wedding video. It was what we were hoping for and much much more!
– to Jeff Munn for officiating the wedding, and make it so easy for us. =)

T-minus 4.5 hours! =P Won’t be picking Donald up from the airport, but will instead get some beauty sleep before meeting him for breakfast tomorrow. As sappy as I’m going to sound, I can’t wait to see my husband! It’s been one week =(

Went out for tea with my mom today. We were gonna go for the Goodwood Park hi-tea buffet, but we spent way too long at Hyatt finalising the wedding next Saturday. We ended up at the Royal Copenhagen at Ngee Ann City for tea. Bloody rip off imo. My mom was raving about it so I thought it should be good. Was a little disappointing. We went around Orchard for a bit, having scored a free parking voucher and we all know how expensive it is to park at Orchard! I ended up with a brand new suitcase, courtesy of my mom’s credit card rebates, and 3 empty photo albums for the photos that Donald is bringing back tomorrow.

The sister returns from Japan tomorrow. It’s been a while since my whole family is back. Will be heading to Gramma’s house for some awesome food. mmM. Crap, I seriously gotta stop gorging myself with awesome food. haha. Thank goodness my final gown fitting is next week. Which means I’ll have…*counts fingers*about 5 days to lose weight before the final fit. *sigh*

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