Rise and Shine: Parenting Seminar on Positive Discipline

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When Ollie could communicate with us either by signing or using his own baby language, it made life a little bit easier for us. It was also at that point where he could understand us, understand the instructions we gave him or what was just being said to him in general.

That was where parenting began. And ho boy. It was tough.

Both Donald and I grew up in families where the rotan (cane) speaks the most. Haha. And I wanted to avoid that. At that time, I hung out with D a lot and it was through her interactions with her son who was almost 1 year older than Ollie, that made me decide the kind of mom that I wanted to be.

The kind that Ollie knows he can depend on, can trust on, can believe in, and knows is his biggest fan.

I then read up a lot about positive parenting, attachment parenting, and what-nots. There is a lot of literature out there, and I had to filter them out to fit the needs of my family, the values and beliefs I had.

We’ve always encouraged Ollie to try. Each time he got frustrated, we would tell him to try a little harder, and if he had really given his best shot, we will be there to help him. He started with self-feeding using a fork, putting on his shoes, then putting on his own clothes, to being able to pretty much do everything himself now. Each time he succeeded, we would cheer him on. Sometimes we would wonder if we are heaping too much praise upon him, and end up boosting his ego too much! Haha. But hey, there is a clear line between go overboard and crediting him enough.

Has it worked? I find that it clearly has. Just like how we would want affirmation on how we are performing, kids need that too!

But toddlers being toddlers. They act up, they throw a tantrum. They go against your wishes. Urgh. We are still struggling very hard with that. On one hand, I don’t want to be yelling at him all the time. On the other hand, it is soooo frustrating. How can we then do this better?

Now, the people behind Rise and Shine have organised a parenting seminar on positive discplining, Appreciating Your Child, and have brought in international speaker, Mr Wei Jianhui, to speak on Appreciation Education.

This concept was developed by Professor Zhou Hong, one that focuses on a child’s strengths and builds upon the positive traits to inculcate a healthy self-esteem in the child. He began his journey to teach his deaf daughter, Zhou Tingting, after refusing to accept the norm expectation of a handicapped child. Every time Tingting did something right, her father will show her a “thumbs-up” which had encouraged her to continue. It was a true affirmation and appreciation to every small success. That had built confidence and self motivation to learn even more.

The highlights of the seminar are as follows:

  • How you can build good relationship with your child as a first step towards nurturing better behaviour;
  • How you can focus on a child’s strengths to build healthy self-esteem and thereby encourage better behaviour?;
  • How to communicate with your child so that they will listen?;
  • How to look for the underlying source of the bad behaviour and address the root of the misbehaviour.

Sounds very much like a seminar I should be attending!! And I would highly recommend it for parents who have young toddlers and are looking to learn how to handle toddlers in a loving and positive manner.

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Rise and Shine have very kindly offered my readers a 30% discount off the seminar fees. All you will need is to quote “TINGS” at registration to receive this discount. You will also receive a goodie bag worth $50 when you attend the seminar!

Give it a go, I reckon it is something worth hearing about.

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