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Singapore’s Child has recently launched their website, which is chockful of information for parents-to-be and parents!

I love their clean layout, which makes browsing the website a breeze. What’s more, you can sort the information according to your child’s age group. Obviously the Toddler Preschool pages will be ones I will be checking out more frequently! But hey, it doesn’t just stop there. There is information for parents about health (how to lose that baby weight, yes!), lifestyle (tips on decorating the nursery, food (sushi for kids!) and education (changes to the Primary School Mathematics Syllabus anyone?).

Another favourite page that I will be checking out frequently is the Events/Win page. Things that you can do and of course, giveaways and contests, all consolidated into one page!

Speaking of which, you know how I have been bugging you guys to keep signing up to be a member of the Singapore’s Child website? I signed up and got my goodie from Singapore’s Child! Thanks to Bosomi Singapore for sponsoring the trial diaper for QT to try!

flash deal3

To sweeten the deal further, Singapore’s Child is now doing a flash giveaway when you sign up on 1st March, between 7-9pm. And this special flash giveaway will only be open for 2 hours, and limited to only the first 500 members who sign up during that time frame! *Terms & Conditions apply.

What kind of gifts you ask? Gifts like such…

body-image-flashdeal (1)

And there is $30,000 worth of free gifts to give away! Waah, shiok! T_T and I already signed up, so means I am not eligible! But hey, also means 1 less spot for you guys to compete with!

For more information about this flash giveaway, check out this page and register your interest by clicking “Going” on their Facebook page!

Being a member also means that each time you want to enter a contest, you no longer have to fill in your details over and over again! Simply log in and you can just click to enter. So, there are benefits to being a member hor. #goodthingsmustshare

2 more days to go, so better standby on your phone, desktop, tablet, er..smartTV also can! Good luck!

Disclaimer: is the Digital Partner for Singapore’s Child and I received a complimentary issue of the magazine for review purposes. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible. 

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