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Who is guilty of thinking that their baby is the cutest? *slowly raises my hand*

Hey, there’s totally nothing wrong with it! Mums, you laboured and gave birth to this tiny little being, of course you are going to think that your baby is the cutest! And Dads..erm, well, this tiny being is a breathing specimen of your DNA, so of course you also think that your kiddo is the cutest!

And what should you do like every other normal parent out there? You should enter your baby for the Singapore’s Child Star Bébé photo contest! Toothy grins, gummy smiles, belly laughs. If you have kids who are age 3mths to 18mths, send those photos in! You can simply register via the following methods:

  1. Website;
  2. Facebook App (you will not be able to view it on the mobile, but LIKE their page cos it is always full of giveaways!)


$3,000 worth of gifts!

Not only that, if your baby gets shortlisted for the contest, you will get invited to an exclusive bébé party held in January 2016. Too bad QT is not eligible. Bah (then again, we never have any luck with baby contests. #truestory) But hey, don’t try don’t know okay! Plus it is free to register!

December’s issue of Singapore’s Child also comes with a pack of K-Mom Honey Bee Organic Wipes. One of my favourite articles in the bébé section has gotta be “The first 40 days” which clarifies some myths and facts about post delivery! I did not have a confinement lady for both pregnancies, so I wished I was armed with such info to get those pesky relatives off my back about what I can and cannot do! Never mind..still got next pregnancy eh? =P


Btw, don’t forget to sign up for Bébé Family! Free membership PLUS exclusive invites, exclusive giveaways, samples and reviews. Just register here! So gogogo!

Disclaimer: is the Digital Partner for Singapore’s Child and I received a complimentary issue of the magazine for review purposes. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible. 

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3 comments on “Star Bébé Photo Contest + Bébé Family

  1. When will the star bebe contest open for 2016? Thanks.

    • Hi Christina! I would have to check with the organisers to see when the next one will be starting!

  2. Would like to know when the next contest is as well! Thanks