1 mth SGW anniversary

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I think I’m all celebration out. hahah. Can someone be sick of celebrating? Hmm, possibly. Gonna be a chor week. Eating out wise.

Tuesday. Our 1 mth SG-wedding (henceforth known as SGW) anniversary. I had mentioned that we had booked a table at the C Restaurant in Perth for dinner. It’s a restaurant on the 33rd floor of a commercial building. And apparently it’s a revolving restaurant, with a 360 degree view of the city. On Tuesday evening, I was on Google Maps looking for potential parking spots, and I ended up reading reviews about the food and the restaurant. The general consensus was that it wasn’t worth the food and you’ll end up paying for the view.

Food vs view. If we were going out to eat..obviously we’d want to pay for the food right? Donald said he’d rather own the view, than the pay for the view for that period. I did think maybe we should give the restaurant the benefit of doubt. Umm..nah, on a night like this, we were better off going for food that we definitely know will taste good.

So off to Hyatt we went! hahaha. That’s like a regular celebration haunt for us. I don’t know if I said this before. The first time we were there, I filled up a feedback form. A couple of weeks later, the Hyatt sent me a brochure and application¬†form for the Hyatt Club membership. We sorta dismissed it. The membership would cost us $250 annually. However, we really liked the Cafe at Hyatt, and the membership will entitle us to a 50% discount should we dine at the Cafe. But we thought, well, at $55/pp for dinner, how often would we go there?

How WRONG we were. *laugh* We’ve been to the Hyatt so many times over the past year that we could have covered the membership cost and more had we applied for it. Geez. Now I’m so tempted to make the application, but you know, it’s like we’re not sure when we’ll get tired of the food there, and having the card will make us more obligated to have a meal there just so that we can utilise it, rather than just wanting to go there as and when.

Ah wells. All on hindsight. =P

Wednesday. Finally got a chance to catch up with Rachel for dinner tonight. We had Daisy (Rachel’s 1.5yr old) with us and it was so lovely to catch up with Rachel. I haven’t had a chance to have a girly talk with her ever since the wedding, so it was nice to do that tonight. She finally came over to our place for the first time, and it was quite cute to see Daisy reacting to the cats. =D I so¬†love girly nights out. haha.

Ken’s gonna be in town this Friday! and 3rd & 27th Dec! Trying to get him to swap the 27th for the 25th, cos of the Boxing Day sales!! If he manages to do that, we’ll drag him out of bed at 9am to go wait in the queues for the shops to open. hahah. It’s fun and it’s a ritual for me! I don’t have family around for Xmas, so the next best is to go shopping on Boxing Day to make up for it. =P Till then, a meal with Ken is a must and then we’ll go shopping this Friday! Can’t wait. =D

Trying to convince Donald to get me a juicer for a Xmas pressie. haha. And then I’ll get a frying pan for myself as a Xmas pressie..or rather say it’s for Donald! Cos he gets the end result, which is better cooked meals? =P *fingers crossed* =P

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