180° about turn

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For every day of this,


The lethargic boys

…there will be a day of this,


All up and running, & playing again

Just a reminder.

So we managed to head out of the house for an hour or so. Grabbed groceries and stocked up on junk food for emergencies. Grabbed bubble tea and tried the cookie latte from Starbucks which was…terrible. I had such high expectations of it when Joanna told me it tasted good! Hrm. I dunno if it was cause I had caramel milk tea just before it. Maybe we’ll try it again later.

Grabbed lunch and then Ollie started getting cranky. Sigh. Okay..he didn’t want to go out but I dragged him out with the promise of the iPad. No iPad but had my phone (bye bye data) and it had died at the moment we were halfway through the queue for kway chap. Brilliant. He was a trooper. He gave in and sat quietly but sulking away.

Got home, dropped my cup of unopened bubble tea. SIGH. On the bright side, it didn’t spill under the fridge, but just in front of the fridge so it was easy to clean up. Emptied the grocery bags, remembered I bought yoghurt from QT only to find out that it had burst open in the bag. FML. On the bright side, it was a small spill and all I needed to do was to rinse the bottles and packets in the bag.
*clenches & unclenches hands*

Lunch was awesome. Ollie had loads of food! QT had food! They are eating, so yay! And no more dramas over meds too, so double yay! *breathes easier now* And they are now sleeping on schedule. Just like before.

It sure smells a little more normal now. I feel a little more human too. I can foresee a better weekend now.

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