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my world

thinking back, around this time last year, I was waddling around at Christmas, counting down to QT’s arrival in March. Yes..that was how uncomfortable I was feeling. Who’d know he would arrive slightly more than a month later. kua kua. 

But how time flies. Despite passing each day using feeding times, nap times, it flew by in a rush. I watched as my boys grew taller, bonded over teasing mummy, and communicated with each other in their own way. I watched as Ollie developed his speech to the way he is able to articulate his thoughts clearly today. To calling us..”hey guys!

hey guys, your head lah. *grumbles*

And QT. Personality wise, on par with his brother, both cheerful larks, but where Ollie thrives on routine and order, QT is the polar opposite. Where Ollie hungers for knowledge, QT is the laidback kiddo, happy to take his time and make messes. I mean, he throws his toys around, crawls around the house banging on walls, tables & surfaces. I wonder if QT is the way he is because of the amount of time I spend with me. Or rather the type of time I spend with him.

With Ollie, there was a lot of one on one time with him, whereas QT had to compete with his brother for time and even when time was spent with him, it wasn’t as “good” quality as Ollie had it. Which I really feel bad for QT. I keep telling myself I’ll make it up to him when Ollie goes to school next year.

Well..not that QT has it that bad. In terms of physical contact, QT had it more. I was sitting a lot in the play yard with him, carrying him around the house a lot more and basically next to him a lot more. Ollie..kinda got sidelined. But I made sure he was held to sleep during his nap times. That, I could make up for it. I made sure that he was held each time he got upset. I made sure he knew that I was going to be there for him always.

And I watch them in wonder, love and amazement. The days where I can’t believe both of them are ours. The days where I can’t believe both have grown so quickly.

At 2 yrs 11 mths, Oliver is 12.6kg, 92cm tall. He…
– can speak in complete sentences, and articulate his thoughts;
– can understand order and is able to repeat his day in exact sequence;
– can read most words in a Step 1 reading book;
– can attempt to read /recognise words phonetically;
– can attempt to spell words phonetically, and spell all words he recognises;
– can write all alphabets in upper case. some letters in lower case, some numbers;
– can recite his home address, & Donald’s mobile phone number;
– eats 3 meals and 4-5 snacks a day *gross*;
– will tell us when he has done a poo;
– has decided today! that he will go to the toilet on his own, unassisted, thankyewberrymuch;
– can understand instructions, doesn’t listen half the time, and understands threats, doesn’t give two hoots sometimes *dammit kid!!*; and
– is a ball of giggles.

We’ve been doing some serious parenting these weeks with him and we are still working things out. We figured we needed to provide Ollie with some boundaries which include listening to instructions, learning/understanding to say sorry, MANNERS!!, and learning how to acknowledge people. We are trying it in the gentlest way possible, explaining heaps..etc. There has been tears but we are getting there. *phew*

And no, we are not sending you to the doctor’s to have your eyes dugged out, nose chopped off nor have your teeth pulled out, Ollie. Love you. =D

Now. Quentin is 10 mths 3 weeks, 9kg and 71cm tall. He
– is my baby koala bear cos he is THAT clingy;
– recognises familiar people and only allow certain people to carry him;
– can say mama (mummy), deh deh (daddy), geh geh (kor kor), ba-bye (bye bye)
– can clap his hands, wave bye (either waving or un/clench palms);
– crawls, pull himself to stand, cruise, stand unassisted for about 10 secs;
– self feed Cheerios/puffs thrown on his tray;
– chews basically everything;
– can understand some instructions (e.g., give, share, feed) including picking named object; and
– is very sensitive (senses wise).

Both are definitely mama’s boys cos when they are upset, they’ll come and find me, despite me being the one who made them upset in the first place. Haha. I know right. Sigh. Got another half a year with QT before we try for another kid. The deal breaker! Haha. But for now, I’m going to enjoy these two monsters.

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