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Tiny Gingerbread Men

It’s been a while since I last posted. We’ve been busy. Busy mostly with baking and with baby matters.

We’ve been slowly prepping the stuff meant for Oliver, which meant Donald has been busy washing nappies and baby clothes (me, I just sit somewhere and stay out of his way..haha). We went all out one Saturday afternoon buying all the necessities (i.e., more clothes, bath tub, baby wipes..etc). It was insane. We spent 8 hours in all (and also alot of money) just on Oliver.

My poor poor feet. At least I did not develop cankles like I am developing them now. Bah.

I reckon we are more or less prepared. Somewhat. At least Donald is. =P At our previous visit to the gynae last week, she had informed us that we may have the option of having Oliver earlier if we wanted as he was still an ‘L’ sized baby. She felt that if he was doing well, and I was ready (physically), there was no reason to continue staying inside and growing, when he could see the world earlier.

At that point in time, I was a bit “meh”-ish about it. Didn’t matter if he was out early or not, I thought maybe just take things as they come. But now..I’ll eat my words back. The weight, OH THE WEIGHT. This little field pack is taking a strain out of everything. Back aches, I get cankles, the pressure on my pelvis, I lose my balance even just walking, or standing. Pfffpt. I can’t even toss in bed comfortably.

And the pain he causes when he is squirming these days..*grimace* Donald and I had discussed previously about the use of epidural during labour and I had said that well, I want it to be a last resort kinda thing. Last night, Oliver’s squirming had gotten especially bad, and it was painful! Donald then jokingly asked if I wanted to reconsider my options of using epidural. *laugh* Yep, the moment I go into labour, bring on the epidural!!

Donald’s excitement at the prospect of seeing his son earlier is kinda rubbing off on me, slightly. It is a little exciting knowing exactly when Oliver’s arriving. But just not looking forward to the process of getting him out. Yikes.

We’ve been busy baking as well. After our first successful batch of cinnamon rolls, Donald and I went into overdrive by trying out different flavours of the rolls. haha. We baked like 100 rolls in one arvo, and ended up giving them out. It was fun, though my back took a beating with the bending over. =P Will just have to continuously keep experimenting. I had an opportunity to try out some chocolate cut out cookies, and gingerbread cookies. The cutouts were just too cute. Tiny, and just the right size for munching. The chocolate cookies ended up tasting more like cereal bites than cookies. Ah wells.

Welp, back to bed to nurse the cold. Getting groggy..zzz

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