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look ma!

for some reason, time has started to slow down for me since I became a SAHM. Not because I’m bored, but I suspect it’s because I can’t wait for Oliver to turn 5.5 mths so that I can start giving him solids. haha. I know I know..over-eager mom here.

The above photo was taken on 26 May, a day before he turned four months old. Donald had told me that Oliver was able to stand by just pulling on his finger, and he was showing me how he did it. It was pretty amusing AND amazing to watch him get pulled up into a sitting position, and then to a standing position in his cute overalls. Oliver, as usual, had this initial look of bewilderment before he breaks out into a smile. *grin* And that love for standing has just increased since. You can’t just sit or lay him down like that. He has to stand before he goes down.

Mind you, this is coming from the kid who doesn’t yet know how to crawl or sit up. Geez.

Oliver and I have been busy since we got over our cold. We went visiting, meeting up with friends, and doing some shopping. Oliver is doing pretty well, except that he is no longer just happy to sit in the baby carrier any more. He wants to be part of the action, and wants to be out to look around, which sorta makes it harder for me to go out with him alone, with a still-busted wrist. Aiyi…

Sometimes I wonder if we are indirectly causing him to be many steps ahead of himself, like with the standing. Like he has discovered that, “hey, I really like doing this even though my legs can’t support me yet” and he then gets so frustrated when he is unable to do it unassisted, or he actually gets fussy when the view is restricted from wherever he is. Because of his bottle strike, I have actually ventured to using a cup to offer him some water, and he has taken to it really well. He looks forward to using a glass, and would reach out for a familiar orange coloured water bottle when he sees it. It’s a hit and miss, he would try to sip but half of the water usually ends up on his top. haha.

Guess I can sorta keep the other two milk bottles on standby…hmmm.

So Oliver’s been exclusively breastfed for about a month. I used to worry that he might not be having enough but now I figured that if he was still hungry, he will make it known that. It took awhile for me to get that. There’s nothing more than worrying about your baby not having enough, especially when you don’t know the amount that he is consuming when breastfeeding. I also finally got why books/lactation consultants/friends who are moms say that you have this bond with the child when breastfeeding. There is nothing like watching your baby feed, nuzzled up next to you. There’s just something about it that says this child is absolutely dependent on you for his/her survival and he absolutely trusts you. Maybe it’s just a secret bond that only the mom and the child will understand. hehe.

Ssshh. =)

Anyhoos, we are off for another adventure tomorrow to Vivo City, to finally meet up with his little friend who is two weeks his senior. Oliver sure is one busy kid!

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