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on the walk home from my in-laws’ place yesterday, Donald and I were having a chat when he said, “you know, tomorrow we’d have been together for 7.5 years. How amazing is that?” 

7.5 years. Even I can’t believe I have been together with someone for 7.5 years, gotten married to him, and had a kid with him. I was 23 when I got together with Donald. 23!! That seemed like..ages ago. *groan*

So what did we do on our customary wedding anniversary? (I know I know..we’ve got heaps of special dates. But there can never be enough special dates!) We caught a free movie on cable last night, The Avengers, which was not bad. We started the movie late and we only turned in at almost 1am, which was a baaaad idea when you have a kid that wakes you up at 7am. *yawn*. We finally woke up at 7.30am, I got a mini sleep-in before we took a walk to my old neighbourhood at Bedok South Ave 2 for breakfast at the wet market.

Came back, did some chores, both of us squished into the play yard with Oliver haha. I reckon it must be a treat for Ollie to have so many people in the play yard with him. Then we headed out to Tampines to grab some cheap sewing stuff from Daiso and for me to get some pampering to look good. We had lunch at Maccas, and I was gonna feed Ollie some bread from my burger when Donald stopped me.

Remember these burgers can stay the same for like forever?? God knows what is inside the bun” yeah, point taken. Only Cheerios for Ollie then.

Came home, Donald spent more time with Ollie whilst I got the ice cream for this Saturday going. This choc chip cookie dough choc banana ice cream tasted really nice! Well, I tasted the cookie dough separately, but I can imagine the entire outcome! mmMM. I pureed the banana instead of cutting it into pieces, and it worked out really nice. I poured the banana puree in three parts, hoping that maybe there will be the ripple effect..but it was really hard to tell with it being chocolate. Doh.

The day was spent doing some pretty mundane stuff, but it was a good day. Productive good day, where we really spent some quality time together. I reckon we need more days like these, just the 3 of us. =D

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