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not meal planning is sorta throwing me into disarray.

When we came back from Singapore and needed to stock up the fridge, I was too tired to do any meal planning and thought we’d just buy more vegetables, some meat and eggs and go with the flow. I had some dishes in mind, and hoped that my memory would serve me well and I’d remember the ingredients I needed to get.

Most of the time I was alright, sometimes a little off without some ingredients, and sometimes there was a little can of the much needed ingredient sitting forgotten in a corner, like bamboo shoots for the babi ponteh that I cooked last night. haha.

Ever since last night, I was craving for chicken stew. The weather has been a little horrible for the past couple of days and what better than a nice pot of stew. The only thing stopping me was that I haven’t found the right chicken stew recipe.

I remembered back in the Home Economics days in secondary school, where we’d spend a couple of hours cooking, trying out a recipe. I was terrible at it, and I didn’t like cooking then. But I remembered a particular chicken stew that we did and I liked it. I only remembered that there was flour involved in browning the chicken and adding flour to thicken the sauce.

Checked the fridge and found that we had the necessary ingredients for a stew: leek, LOTS of celery, some carrots, onions, LOTS of potato, beans and chicken. Found a random stew recipe that sorta met the requirements (i.e., with the ingredients that I have) and went along with it. The smell of the veggies being fried was awesome..would probably be more awesome if I hadn’t forgotten the onions. =( Popped it in the oven and now we wait.

Hopefully it turns out as nice as I envision it to be. haha. *fingers crossed*

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