almost 7 months

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yikes. has it already been almost 2 months since the last post? and another 12 weeks till Oliver’s out??

*frantic nail bites* okay, wait. I don’t bite my nails. Donald does. haha.

things that happened the past couple of months: 

1) 5 Oct

We were told Ollie’s quite on track on his growth..or rather a little too AHEAD with his growth. Umm, say what?

Gynae: well, your baby’s a “L” size.
Me: What do you mean L size?
Gynae: he’s just big in general, you’re 24 weeks pregnant, he’s the size of a 25 week baby.

Donald and I later joked that Oliver’s a little bit too eager to get out, and wants to be a rabbit-tail baby, rather than a dragon baby. *laugh* I want to be rabbit!!

So the cutting down on junk food and carbo begins. Got a glucose tolerance test coming Wednesday where blood samples will be drawn twice. NOT FUN. *sulks* I hate needles.

2) 22 Oct

We finally got down to buying the cot and the pram. *phew* Those were the two major items which we needed to get out of the way. Choosing the cot was sort of a no-brainer, but the pram. How difficult was it to choose a pram!!

one that could fit an infant car seat.
one that could fold easily for keeping.
one that was sturdy enough to last a good 5 years. (yes, we are already thinking of Ollie No. 2)

We ended up with the Peg Perego P3 Pliko Compact Travel System, with a matching infant car seat, in ORANGE! haha.


P3 Compact Travel System

There was a crazy range of colours to choose from. Red (not bright enough), Green (looked like a turtle shell), Iris (Donald said not suitable for a boy)….the list goes on. Orange was a cheerful enough we went with it! At least if it doesn’t brighten up his day, it’ll brighten ours.

It cost us about S$980 after about a S$300 discount. Some of my colleagues were a little horrified at the prices of prams these days. haha. Umm, we didn’t know what to expect either, but we sure as hell knew that we didn’t want anything filmsy. We’re pretty happy with it for now. We’ll know how it works when we actually start using it.

3) 29 October


iPhone & iPad

Donald’s being so wishy-washy about getting a set of this. *roll eyes* His birthday is coming up, and well, I’ve been wracking my brain for some ideas of a birthday gift.

A nespresso coffee machine.
an ice cream maker (the kind with a built-in freezer compressor)
a watch
a pair of Adidas sneakers

the ice cream maker only came up out of the blue. *roll eyes* for a while, it was tempting. the model we were looking at was this in particular:

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

It’s big, and..well not very nice looking. But it beats having to put the bowl in the freezer overnight before getting to use it. It took a morning ride to work for me to think about how often we’d be using this monster in a year to optimise it. I mean..sure, fresh homemade ice cream is awesome. But how much ice cream can we eat?? And like Justina said, ‘you don’t exactly give out ice cream..’ hahah. so that birthday present went out of the window.

Now it’s back to what he wanted to get in the first place. the iPhone and iPad. He’s sitting on the fine line between wanting it, and needing it. *roll eyes* To save us the drama, I’ll just get it. Pfffpt. But too bad he’ll have to wait till next week before we can get it, cos I can only recontract my line then.

Better than nothing right? =P

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