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decisions decisions. haha. final outcome hopefully by the end of this coming week! argh.

anyways, on to less cryptic stuff. just finished sorta cleaning the house. Mom bought me a static wiper last year, and it’s been really handy on the wooden flooring esp for wiping up cat fur. you wouldn’t believe they shed THAT much fur until you’ve used up a sheet for each room. geez. and then a vacuum cleaner full of cat fur from carpets.

had an awful night’s sleep. the early sunrise is getting to me and being a light sleeper, i wake up when the birds are chirping. and then seeing the sunlight, my body sorta wakes up. MEH. woke up at 6.30am this morning, then went back to sleep at 7.30am before waking up at 11am to cook brunch.

thinking about it, having brunch at home really saves us a bit of money i think. Hrm. That meal itself cost us $12 and we have heaps of leftovers for another round. Then again, if we were living in Singapore, breakky would cost us less than $5 for two of us? hehe.

had this chat with avi last night about bring the cats home. an emotional decision vs a practical decision. i spent some time with the both of them last night, Thomas a little more cos he was whingey. and i decided that i couldn’t leave them behind.

Thomas has gotten so comfy with me carrying him like a kid; both front paws on my shoulders, hind legs on my forearm. He’s so comfy with it that he doesn’t even want to jump off me after awhile, he actually readjusts himself so that he’s curled up at the nook of my forearm, and sits there. All this whilst I’m walking around the house with him.

Marcus is still shy. But he’ll jumpy to my side of the bed for morning rubs. He’ll be really noisy if I ignore him, and he knows I’ll get up eventually to give him a rub on his head. Find it amazing that he’ll be lying down somewhere and all you have to do is call out his name, and he’ll stretch and then walk over. Clench your fist and put it high enough, he’ll stand on his hind legs to rub his face against your fist. To Marcus, a clenched fist is a face rub for him.

I couldn’t and I wouldn’t. They’re my babies. =)

Anyways, dinner time soon. Green curry chicken with rice tonight. Yuums.

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