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my charmer

my charmer

we’ve been busy, hence the lack of updates. okay, wait, lemme rephrase that: I’ve been busy.

busy going out. busy setting up some stuff. busy on a staycation. busy raising two kids who drive me nuts on every other day.

But life is good. =) made a couple of new friends and things took a turn in a good way. I am investing a little bit more in my business and hopefully things will pan out well. I was fortunate to be given an opportunity to set up a business and things have been progressing fairly well. Just a wee bit more time to sort out stuff and photos, and we should be launching our site next month. Hopefully!

There’s so much I want to write about, things that have happened lately with the boys, our staycation but there is only so much time I have to use the computer (always fighting with Donald over the use..haha). Well, that and putting QT to bed. Bleh.

But I’ll write again. I promise!

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