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after a 5 hour redeye Jetstar flight on Saturday morning, I’m finally back in SG. the flight wasn’t too bad. I fell asleep almost immediately when the plane took off surprisingly. Laptop lasted 3 episodes of Criminal Minds before it died haha. Ah wells.

It’s been a hot and humid 4 days since I’ve touched down. Definitely is good to be back with Donald again. Just to catch up properly and spend heaps of time with him. And the motorbike. =P haha.

Now, let me tell you about this motorbike. It’s nothing fancy, although I got my chilli-red helmet. =D But as far as I can remember, I’ve got this fascination with motorcycles. I won’t know anything about the specs of one, or what it means to really own one, but I love the look of it.

Sort of the way I have this infatuation with Mini Coopers. =P

I remembered wanting to learn how to ride one, but you know, my parents pulled the “over-my-dead-body” thing, and that wasn’t a no-go. I had a couple of rides on friends’ bikes, and that was it. I had to shelf the idea of getting rides on motorcycles for a while. More so when I was going overseas to study.

And then I met Donald. Not that I knew he knew how to ride one, or anything when we got together, but it sure was a bonus. =P I only found out about it a few months into the relationship…and even then, he had sold his bike and didn’t really want to go back to riding again. MEH. Some bonus. hahah.

Now that we are moving permanently back to Singapore, Donald’s gone and gotten himself a motorbike just so that it’ll be easier for him to travel around, and easier for us too when I move back. And we went for a spin to my parents place.

*swoon*. I don’t own a bike, but my husband does and that means I get rides any time and every time! =P one of my lifelong dreams fulfilled. *double swoon* haha. man, the adrenalin. =X

alrighty, time to stop dreaming and get down to doing some work. =P

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