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Ollie & E

it was a good day out today. the two mamas had some quiet time whilst the boys were sleeping and we got heaps done! ( or rather what felt like heaps done).

Ollie seems to have grown in the past week, crappy sleeping patterns and what not. At 10 mths, he is pulling longer first stretch (almost 5 hours last night, yay!) and is happy to “communicate” via some simple baby signs. He can clap his hands, wave “hi” & “bye” upon demand. His latest is turning his hands to sign “no more”.

Initially, I thought that it could be him doing it on demand. But he surprised me by showing that he understood the concept behind it when I ate the rice cracker that he offered out of his hand, and then signed to tell me no more, indicating that there was none left in his hand. Hmm, now to get him to learn how to nod. haha.

The above picture was of the two boys hugging after they woke up when D & I barely settled to have our coffee. Both of them fell asleep for their afternoon nap within minutes of each other, and then woke up within minutes of each other. I told D they probably met up in lalaland and then saw that we were going to have coffee and then conspired to wake up together. -_-“. E requested to carry Ollie and settled for hugging him on the coffee table at Starbucks. Hahah. It was quite cute.

I will probably miss having my baby sleeping near me when I move Ollie out of our room. =( But a necessary measure if we want to have another kid in the future. Better now than later I guess. These days, I never know what to expect any longer when it comes to Ollie. Fun times ahead.

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