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okay, so I have been a wee bit busy and been neglecting this blog a little. I had written an entry last week, but thought it was a little too bitchy to be posted, so meh.

But yes, 2 weeks into work, and I’ve been kept busy, which is good! Went on my rig tour with a colleague yesterday for our orientation. it was awesome! just being on it made it so surreal. We had been around the shipyard looking at people weld, cut steel..etc. But to be on the final product. Just seeing it and being on it was an entirely different experience. the view was awesome too. haha, my colleague mentioned that if he had a few hundreds of millions, he’d buy a rig just to live on it. hahaha. when you have a few hundreds of millions first then say lah..=P

Work has been great. A huge learning curve, but a good experience. I’m glad to have supportive colleagues, and an awesome boss. It makes the whole work experience more enjoyable. =P Donald has been sending me to work and picking me up after *beams* I enjoy that cos it gives us some time together, just the both of us. We are still considering if we would want to ride in to work after we move to Bedok, or take the public transport. I’m fine with either, just that taking the bike would mean more time at home together, and on the road. Taking the public transport is cheaper, but we get home so much later, and different times to each other. So meh..Still weighing the options out. =D

on the first home-owners front, we have been busy looking around for ideas, speaking with interior designers, and going for furnishing expos. last night we were at IMM speaking with an interior designer (ID), and we were there for 2.5 hours!! I think their job’s not easy. I mean, you have to sketch out something for the client, and whether the client chooses you is another story all together! We quite liked this guy we spoke too. Not sure if we were now a little more experienced, and knew how to ask the right questions, or he was just better compared to the others, i.e., knowing what he was talking about.

Either way, it’s back to meeting a few more this weekend! *grin* just to get a feel, and perhaps, get more ideas in meeting more and more IDs.

Have been pigging out recently. Last Friday, being a public holiday, my Mom took us out for a high-tea buffet at the Marriott Hotel. Good lord, it’s good (not very very very good, but good) but the timings for high-teas are sooo wrong. haha. You can’t eat lunch cos you will be too full, and then you’re so full from the buffet that you can’t eat dinner. anyways, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and I was the only one who suffered from gastric pains cos of the irregular eating times.

Recovered well enough for another buffet at The Line at Shangri La’s with Justina, Kenneth and Leon for an early birthday celebration. Seafood selection was quite awesome. =P Really wouldn’t mind heading there for another meal..but not so soon. Kenneth managed to score us a reservation for the current promotion which would give us about 43% discount off the buffet price, which was really decent (esp when then can of Coke we ordered cost us $9…)!!

I think my mother-in-law’s taking us out for high-tea today at Zhou’s kitchen…*burp*. I wonder how my tummy’s gonna feel about that. Good thing about the gastric is that I don’t feel like eating for the next couple of days. hahaha. Just snacking on bits of food =P

well, off to wake the hubby up for breakfast!

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