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Saturday was a chill & relax day. Or rather a lazy day.

We had big plans for the weekend. i.e., tidy up the house and pack away the wedding memorabilia, clean the house a little, do more laundry, tidy up the gardening..etc.

Key word being ‘had’. =D

We did most of the stuff. It was a lazy Saturday, we slept in till about 10.30am. I was in two minds about going out for brunch. Our usual weekend dim sum brunch at our regular place. Plus I had baked bread for the week and had bought some shaved roast beef to go with sandwiches. I thought we should try to be good, save some money and stay home and eat breakfast.

Decisions decisions. We ended up going out for brunch and taking a walk in the city cos the weather was just so good despite feeling damn lethargic. haha. Popped into Myer to have a look, then popped into Fossil (my favourite brand) to have a look at the watches and wallets. I know, I already have enough watches. Bah. =P

Managed to do some tidying of the garden. Staked the tomato plants, and cleared some weeds. Still thinking of what to plant in the empty patches. I’m really quite proud of the tiny blueberry bush we’ve got. We’ve got some massive blueberries! Last year we only managed 2 edible berries. This year, we’ve already had about 20 berries! Not alot, but quite alot for me esp when I’ve had this little bush for 2 years. hehe.

Must plant the peach tree soon tho.

Dinner was a simple affair of leftover mexican chicken burgers from the night before. That and many many episodes of HK drama. Currently watching 宫心计. Soooo addictive! In the week that we’re been back, we’ve basically caught up 2 weeks’ worth of episodes. If anything, I’ve been waiting all year for this particular drama. Oh the scandals within the palace, and the unscrupulous things the concubines & slaves do to get places. *shivers in anticipation* haha. That’s HK drama for you. =P

Brunch on Sunday was a little bit fancier. We had a roast beef roll each, with a salad of chorizo, broccolini & a poached egg. Eh, my first attempt at poached eggs came out better than I expected!! Felt quite healthy having that kind of brunch on a Sunday arvo..haha. Just missing the patio overlooking the backyard. =P

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