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Renata, Gerry & I @ Lake Leschanaultia

Today is the day I totally clear my fridge out and move some of the food into my Esky (thank goodness we bought an Esky!!). Hopefully the ice-packs will last for a while!! Don’t think they’ll last the weekend though. Hrm.

Anyways, was eating my yoghurt for breakfast when I had this thought. again. I remembered telling Donald that I tried enjoying yoghurt. But I couldn’t. Even Donald knows that I’m not a yoghurt person. I know they are healthy for you, there’s fruit in it, and there are new kinds of yoghurt now, mixed with grains! I mean, how awesome is that? Small amounts I can deal with, but after a while…yech. Yoghurt’s got a tart feel to it, it’s a weird texture, it’s not smooth like cream.

Then why do I bloody force myself to eat it? meh. It’s like with alcohol. I’m sorry, but I think alcohol doesn’t really taste very good. Sweet wine I’ll drink, cos there’s the sweetness to overcome the bitter, sour taste, but alcohol like beer! What is so nice about beer?? Renata, Gerry and I actually spent a while at the lake discussing why people consume certain types of fluids and food even though they taste bad.

1. It grows on you. You don’t like it, but you keep on taking it till your tastesbuds accept it, and then you like it.

2. It is a craving. An imagery thing. Renata says, on a hot summer day, nothing quenches thirst like a nice ice cold beer. I asked what if I had given her a glass of ice cold water. She said she’ll drink it, but it won’t be the same. Having said that, after the moment has passed, she probably won’t want the beer anymore.

3. Peer pressure/ social drinking. Cos everyone else is doing it. I do admit when I was younger, that was the case. You’d be weird to not be into alcohol. But now, I just ask for juice. It’s a preference thing.

I had this conversation about food with Donald before. Not much fun when I’m doing all the talking =P Renata, Gerry and I had an awesome time talking about other stuff, like why certain places are called a Republic (that was before we know what being a Republic was), and why poop was brown (I wiki-ed it!!). Ah, the joys of having such conversations. The unknowns! hahahaah. =P I had so much fun.

Baked brownies on Wednesday arvo. Left work early cos I was having a bad headache, which sorta escalated throughout the night. Meh. But the smell of the brownies. mmMMM. Not only that, I was melting the butter and the couverture chocolate in the saucepan. THAT is what makes the brownies smell so heavenly. I couldn’t resist dipping my fingers in for a taste. Tastes sooooooooooo good. I’m bring a 200g box of that chocolate with me, now that I know the goodness of it. I hope there is some in Singapore. Anyone want to help me keep a look out? =P

Welp, time for work.

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