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gosh..has it been almost a month already? I’ve been so busy with work that I am finding it hard to play catch up with my posts!

And I’ve been decluttering. I am finally at a point of time in my life where I..sorta stop being a hoarder and start throwing out the stuff that really doesn’t matter. Probably because we appear to be running out of space in our house. Haha. Seriously. Stock is just slowly creeping and making their way into the other rooms of our household. I am determined to keep them all in ONE ROOM. dammit.

It has been a crazy weekend at the baby fair, I was keeping the cough and cold at bay. But I had so much fun!! If it wasn’t so crazy to have to farm out the kids each time we participated in the baby fair, I would probably do this more often. Oh wait, farming the kids and the booth being so expensive. Bah.

I will be catching up with my posts! Till then, lemme go nurse this ridiculous cough and cold.

-crankypants out.

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