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So the not so toddler and I had a chat about life today. We had passed an elderly lady and he asked

“Mummy, why is the auntie walking so slowly?”

“It’s because she is old, Ollie, she can’t walk that quickly any more. Like you see chor chor sits in a wheelchair, she has grown old. And one day, mummy will grow old and will walk slowly too”

“Ollie is not old so I can walk very fast?”

“Well, you are still young.You are only three years old. It will take you a really long time before you walk slowly. Like chor chor is 93. You know how big a number 93 is right?”

And he nods. He seemed to ponder a bit more before getting distracted as we got to the post office to drop off some parcels.

This few days, I watched Ollie grow a little more. He is losing the toddler look on his face, and taking on a pre-schooler face. He seems to understand life a little more. There are still tantrums, and the “nononono!” moments, but we are good. He knows his daily routine. He still fights and snatches with QT. But the moments we have just before naps, in the evenings and before bedtime. How precious. They are filled with squeals of laughter. I have to say again that only Ollie is able to make QT laugh readily. And they are bursts of laughter. The look on QT’s face is nothing short of adoration for his brother. There are moments where Ollie is genuinely playing with QT and moments where you can see he is doing it for the sake of making his brother laugh. And he does it willingly.

I would video these moments, so that I can rewatch them and remind myself that I am a mother to these two monsters, who at such moments can encourage me in so many ways that I cannot explain. Who at such moments can make my heart burst with joy and love for them.

Oh Ollie, the world is so big and you have so much more ahead of you. I can only hope that I will still be there for you and your siblings even when I start to walk slowly.


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