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Ollie's favourite activity: fingerpainting

Ollie’s favourite activity: fingerpainting

Somehow or rather, Ollie’s brain has just decided that “hey, I will just talk in sentences now”. 

It is pretty…mindblowing. He basically repeats every word that I would say to him. He would try and make me understand what he is trying to say, either with words or a mixture of words and actions. And it would also appear that he would repeat to try and understand what I just said.

Of course with such new found capabilities..there have been some hilarious and heartwarming moments.

Ollie loves to be given tasks to do, tasks that I would do around the house, tasks like feeding the cats, helping keep clean laundry (mostly his reusable diapers), putting his shoes back onto the shoe rack. Little tasks that he can handle. Lately, we have introduced a simpler way for Ollie to feed the cats, basically giving him half a scoop of cat food that he could hold without spilling and pouring it into the cat dish.

He has definitely taken his task really seriously, pouring it into only one side of the dish, picking up cat kibble that has spilled over the dish, trying to ensure that Thomas sticks to his side of the dish, including telling Marcus “Marker, eat? eat eat.” It is pretty cute.

But gosh..all this chatting is probably just as novel to Ollie as it is novel to us. Ollie no longer points at buses and goes “Bah!” He will now say “Take bus. Sit”. Buying something would mean “Mama, buy jah-ker (cracker). Give money.” (cheeky little bugger). Seeing my phone on the bedside table would mean “Mama, jar-ging phone.” And bedtime just got more interesting because now it takes double the time for Ollie to settle. Hahah well, poor Donald I guess. Ollie now talks for like 15 minutes non-stop, with Donald correcting some of the words he says, or grunting in acknowledgement, before he goes into settle down mode to sleep.

Now that we are getting the language portion out of the way..,may be we can get started on his dancing skills. Hrm.

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