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This is the latest photo of food that I have cooked/baked. Decided to give the old school buns recipe from ieatishootipost a shot and 5 hours later, these babies emerged from the oven.

Earlier tonight, it was a mac & cheese dinner. Too much milk and there was a wet & a tad soggy consistency to it. But hey, the kids wiped their plates clean. Can’t complain. I served them dinner with a cup of leatherwood honey & lemon drink. Yum. Perfect drink to wash it down. QT finished his dinner with a cup of milk.

Where…do all the kids pack it. Urgh. Gonna eat me poor I tell you.

The recipe for the mac & cheese was from the first cookbook I owned. I bought it from the Sandy Bay News Agency in Tasmania. The Perfect Cookbook by Dave Herbert. The recipes were simple and easy to follow. My first dish from the book was a baked cheesecake. It was soooo good. A close friend borrowed it from me, and that weekend, we were treated to a roast lamb. My ex-boss borrowed it from me, and she served the customers coffee or ice cream with almond biscottis.

That book has seen me through many dishes and years. It is still the one cookbook I go to when I need a quick meal. It has never failed me.

As I closed the cookbook, the page was slightly dusted with flour. I swept it off, and then hesitated before closing the book with still some flour residue on the page. Some of the pages had some oil stains on it, some with some paste stuck on it.

What would my kids think if they were to flip through the book one day? Would they wonder how I was prepping the food? Would they wonder how I decided that the dish would go into the meal for the week? Would they have a favourite dish that they would go to?

I have a notebook that I handwrite favourite recipes that I got from the internet, with my own notes and adjustments. Waffles, brownies, steamed egg, salads. Who would be the ones flipping it through it and following it, just so that they could have the same waffles they have always had?

Yeah, waffles are a precious commodity in our household. We don’t make it all the time but when we do, we make shitloads of it to freeze so that they are our backups when mommy and daddy are forget to buy a loaf of bread for breakfast. haha.

I enjoy cooking I do. Just waiting for the kids to grow up a little more so that I will have more time to cook the dishes that I want to cook. Master some of the dishes that my grandmas cooked. Poh Poh’s bak zhang, Mama’s nonya dishes.

The waterworks started when I realised that I didn’t let my paternal grandma try out my bakwan kepeting. She approved of the babi sioh when I tried it out one day tho. I heard that her kueh kuehs were awesome. I recently joined a Peranakan food Facebook group and the dishes looked amazing and fairly easy to recreate (granted most of the people who were attempting it were like retirees or did not have young kids like me haha)

For now, we’ll stick to the homemade pizzas, nut butters, bread, granola and regular meals.

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