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Oliver taking a ride on daddy’s shoulders


now that I’ve gotten that out of the way..haha. Oliver’s being nice to me this morning. We had some play time in the bedroom, followed by him sitting happily in his cot blabbering away whilst I stripped the sheets and cleaned the room, and then him playing all by himself in his play yard whilst I prepared my breakfast, roast some pork, did the laundry.

All this done before 9.30am this morning! Yikes..which explains the free time I have now that he is napping. haha

Been thinking about a couple of things lately: Oliver’s mental stimulation, and…*drum roll* having another kid. I know, what am I thinking right?!? *wry grin*

So..mental stimulation. Being a SAHM, I sometimes worry that I will become stupid eventually (no offence to all SAHMs out there!) only because I am facing a baby at home. I blabbler, coo, gurgle at him sometimes. We do have adult conversations too, though I can only assume I understand what on earth Oliver is talking about.

I bought some books and have been reading only two of them to him. I think the rest of them were more of my reading pleasure (who doesn’t like to read about¬†The Large Turnip??). He has an electronic book which plays nursery rhymes, and he recognises the rhymes that we sing to him. And then I wonder if I can do more. Hrm.

I’ve always thought that the education system in Singapore is very competitive and it is all about performance and grades. I was reading on some forums and there are talks about sending their 6.5 – 7 mth old kids to enrichment classes! The Shichida approach, the Montessori approach..etc. And I flip open a magazine and see an advertisement for music enrichment classes.

Yikes. What childhood is left? Sure, I would like my child to be a genius..but at what price?

And then I worry about if I were to be the one gradually mentally stimulating Oliver, am I doing enough? haha. Questions..and more questions!

Having said that, Oliver’s picking things up fairly quickly. He’s parroting some of our last weekend, I taught him to pat Donald on his arm to wake him, whilst saying, “Daddy, wake up!! Wake up, daddy!!” .¬†It will be funny to see him do it when I tell him to do so. hahah. Guess no more sleeping in on weekends for Daddy!


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