damn you caffeine

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Urgh. This is what two cups of bubble tea does to me. 3am in the morning and I am still WIDE AWAKE running on caffeine. Oh wait, I also had that cup of Pepsi with my KFC dinner.


That translated into lots of cutting (of paper) for business, and rearranging theĀ entire spare room so that we can put up our stock. I have been dying to do it but can’t cos there were just boxes EVERYWHERE from after the baby fairs we had been doing. The last of the boxes went yesterday, so yipee! Was going to do it last night but yours truly was still feeling crook. Rest and catch up on zzz. I need to be well for my trip!

So excited about it!!! Only 2 weeks to go and so much things to do. Argh. I should be packing by now, fml. Still got visas to apply, shopping list to do up, packing list. Okay, breathe breathe. Need to calm myself down. I think this is adding on to the insomnia haha.

The spare room looks soooo much better now. I think the aunty who collects cardboard boxes will have a field day tomorrow when we clear all the boxes. My diaper collection (for the boys) is finally diminishing haha. Good grief, it is taking us more than a year to deplete the stash. Donald say..save for 3rd kid!

And re: 3rd kid. No, we are not pregnant. But we had been putting so much thought into it. We kept discussing pros and cons, being logical/practical vs being emotional. Argh…bottom line is we’d give it a shot but if it ain’t happening by some time, we’d just not try any more. Then to mindfuck myself a little more, I picked up a brochure on fostering at a roadshow at a mall today. Wtf am I doing man..

Right. Anyhoooos. I need to get some sleep. Soon.

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