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I don’t know how the Korean scriptwriters do it. But heck, EVERY SINGLE drama that I have watched, have always brought me back to the dating days with the hubby. It is a good thing! It really does help to remind me that I really love this guy haha.

Just so you know okay, Mr Ting.

The latest drama I am watching, Hospital Ship, reminded me of the days when I was just into Donald. Feeling flustered when I saw him, crashing his class sometimes, hiding away with a friend if he happened to be in the same shop as I was (come on, Hobart was only THAT big). We would meet up with friends and he would pop over for dinner gatherings. We had a couple of chats into the late night.

Like really late.

Then the early days of dating post drunken confession from him *roll eyes*. I had a 2-week return period, where if any point within the two weeks I felt uncomfortable with our relationship, I would be able to call it quits and he should not contact me. Obviously it never happened.

But it was nice to be reminded of the early days. I had been reading a fair few ‘stories’ on a social media platform on wives complaining about their husbands not doing enough, husbands complaining that their wives are lazy, or a spouse ranting over stuff and wanting a separation. There is nothing wrong in ranting, it is an outlet afterall for people to vent, and hopefully seek some advise or look at things from another POV. I am not in their shoes, nor can I ever be.

It was getting a little too negative but it reminded me of how fortunate I am to be in the life that I have.

I have been loved very well by a man who can keep my love tank filled regularly. Not with flowers or gifts, but making sure I get my rest, I am emotionally and mentally supported. He recently took over putting Sarah to bed together with the boys. To be honest, I have not had the opportunity to put 3 kids to bed in one go YET. But he has done it with ease.

My hero! hahahah. Seriously. For being able to sleep through the night peacefully, I will do everything else! =P

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To you, I will always remember the first time I kissed you. The first time I felt my heart a flutter as I realised I had a crush on you. How I felt as you held me in the cramp toilet and told me you liked me and asked if I liked you. All these I remember as though as they happened yesterday. 

I had many firsts with you, and I am glad that they were with you and no one else. 

Can’t wait for the many more adventures and memories that we may have together. I hope we get to grow really old together. 



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