Day 276/2020: revisiting

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Oh hi. It’s definitely been a while. Ah lau has berated me that I should do something about this blog cos I keep paying for the domain 😂

Okay la, and I should use this space properly too. Now that the kids have grown up a little, I have a wee bit more time to myself. I missed writing in a space. The time for sitting down to ponder and then write has been taken over by work.

These days, I have a pocket for 40 mins whilst putting the boys to bed. Might as well use it wisely!

The four playing a boardgame, or at least trying to

The kids have grown. So many things have happened in past year. Sarah just celebrated her 4th birthday and we have Alex’s 2nd birthday coming up. Quentin will head to P1 next year.

Covid happened and we missed out on a pre-primary holiday in Perth. However we did Taipei last year shortly after my last post. Alex was about 9 months old then. Ah lau worked from home since the Circuit Breaker and it might be an indefinite thing. I am still working through life, tho very contented with where I am at. Just..trying to manage expectations, raise my kids and be a wife, in a midst of trying to make sense of things.

Yet in amidst it all, it has been an amazing ride, with a family that God has blessed me with to accompany.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to embark on a collaboration with Thermos! I will be posting some recipes using the Thermos ShuttleChef, tumblers and food jars to cook. Haven’t looked back since I started. These few products have led me to exploring recipes that I never thought I would try. Not only that, it doesn’t use any electricity, and I don’t have to spend time watching the pot!

I’m still constantly looking for shortcuts/hacks to make life easier for myself. You are looking at a very no frills person here haha.

Not only that, I’m still working on my zero-waste lifestyle, using various items that I have at home (not buying new stuff!) and incorporating it in our family. Currently, we have a recycling box at home and we reuse alot of food packaging that comes from food products that we purchase (though trying harder to buy more from the wet market). Also trying a little more to make pantry items by ourselves, like granola and nut butters.

Time to dust off this blog, and write more. See you guys around!

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