day 6

by this time next week, I’ll be back in Singapore, wayhey!

to be absolutely, totally sappy, I’ll be separated from Donald. hahah. Back to square one to get ready for the wedding in Singapore. Treat it as though we weren’t married in the first place.

How odd. =P

The feeling of being married. Hmm. Well, it’s not like it’s changed drastically, considering we’ve been living together for a long time (almost 5 years). But it sure does bring the occasional giggle and smile to our facesĀ at the realisation that we are married. you know the way kids giggle secretively when they know something and you don’t?

It’s like being back to the days when we first got together. The feeling of wondering if this is all real. That we’ve found one another. Donald did say he wondered how longĀ  this honeymoon period would last before we get all arguey again.

Well, in my opinion, we’ve always been in a honeymoon period. The one thing I always enjoyed about this relationship is that we do have arguments (and yes, more often than not I’m the initiator), but 75% of the times, we are happy. And I love the way that we are best friends, and we are lovers. There’s just a nice balance of everything.

Thanks to the 3 monsters (Jolene, Jaime & Jaren), we had a $150 Myer voucher to use. The first thing I thought of was the Breville juicer that I’ve been eyeing for ages. So damn gorgeous (can fit a whole apple in the chute!) and so awesome. But so damn impractical, don’t have to cut apple also have to cut oranges…. Plus we already have a $5 juicer (not the manual one..a proper juicer!)


So we looked next at food processors and a blender. Donald and I spent 1.5 hours at the electrical kitchen appliances and spent half of it laughing at each other cos we were trying to be realistic about our purchase.

has to be a glass jug for the blender. don’t need the dough tool for the food processor. only need to puree soups. need a separate blender for juices/smoothies. don’t need a food processor..etc etc.

The only reason why we were laughing at each other was that I’d be happy with a normal blender, but Donald will be like, ‘but will my juice have pumpkin taste if we share the same blender??’ and when we looked at separate food processor and blender, i’d be like ‘but the food processor doesn’t have the dough tool’. and when we looked at a combi (both food processor and blender), it’ll be like ‘the blender jug is made of plastic, it’ll be very noisy’. And we’ll just keep pinpointing at what each other said about the product that we wanted.

In the end, we settled for this combi.


We are just adding stuff to our kitchen at this point in time. Or rather, MY kitchen. I’m determined to have the proper equipment if I’m going to cook. At least this is one point that the husband agrees. haha.

Was gonna leave my new toy in its box till we came back from our trip when Donald reminded me of the awesome weather that we are having this weekend. Backyard BBQ with CJ, and some ice blended coffee perhaps? =P

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