drawing the line

last week, the monster caught a cold & cough. cue LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of snot, crazy parents trying to remove pieces of dried snot in the monster’s nose, struggling and crying.

that, and oh, some lack of sleep.

the first couple of nights were okay, apart from Ollie waking up a little more frequently than usual, it was the same ole. Turn on air-conditioning, bedtime at 8.30pm, and then he would wake at about 11.30-12pm for a feed. Then Ollie’s sleep was getting more and more interrupted as the snot progressed from runny to becoming viscous, which meant breathing problems for him cos he was getting a blocked nose.

Gah. Now I was fine sleeping without the air-conditioning but Donald wasn’t. His actual words were “imagine waking up with a greasy face..” Yes I remember those days..but hello, that shouldn’t faze him! Now imagine when he goes back for reservist and waking up with a greasy face. LOL.

So..we slept with the fan on a couple of nights, and then decided yesterday that we should buy another fan since it was so troublesome moving the fan between the living room and the bedroom. The fan would also one day be moved to Oliver’s room when we shift him out of our room.

How difficult could buying a fan be right? Pfffpt. Standing fan, table fan, air circulator. Air circu-what?? Apparently it is some fancy-schmancy fan that doesn’t oscillate, and yet circulates air around the room. AND prices start from S$169. Madness. Having said that, well..the one that we saw was a design that I liked. It was small, and could be placed on a table out of reach for tiny people!

Buying things nowadays, especially when it is in relation to Oliver, sometimes have gotten a little extravagant. Things for tiny people sure cost a fair bit of money. The other day, we bought extra reusable diaper inserts for Oliver’s diapers as he was using more per day. S$85. Didn’t blink an eye about it. Bought a thermal food jar for his rice porridge. S$65. Yeah sure, charge it. Need a fan for Oliver? Looking at an air circulator which costs S$170, which we spent an hour over coffee justifying why we should buy it.

Goodness..are we, you know, going overboard here??

Thankfully, sanity & common sense reigned and we went in search for alternatives. We found another which is of a similar size, and seems to have the basic functions. Best part, it costs S$38! Scooooore. Donald said we could have bought 5 of these with the amount of money we would have spent for the S$170 version. So he’s happy, I’m happy, we bought it and brought it home.

4 hours later. *sigh* The fan does somewhat circulate the cool air around the room but the noise of the fan is deafening. I told Donald that it sounded like those commercial floor dryers that you find in the toilets of shopping malls. I couldn’t sleep with the noise going on! We switched fans again (kua kua..) and there was peace again. This morning, we decided that heck, forget about the air circulator. A simple table fan works perfectly. Haha..so off to the mall again to return the damn air circulator.

Sometimes, I reckon it’s just us parents making things complicated for ourselves. Bleh.

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