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after lunch syndrome
after lunch syndrome

actually, not just an ‘after lunch syndrome’. it was a perpetual syndrome, just for today. was up till late last night getting some of these done. i haven’t had that little sleep in for the longest time! haha. anyways, texted the fiance earlier to see if he could come pick me up early today. *yawn* I might be able to squeeze a nap in before cooking dinner.

had some leftover chicken rice for lunch today. I told the fiance that I’d be very happy to eat chicken rice alone without anything, no meat or veg. just the rice with a spoonful of chicken rice chilli. the fiance’s mom had made a jar when she was here back in March. yuumm. Even my colleagues were commenting about the smell, in a good way! One of my colleagues officially hate me cos he had crummy toast for lunch. haha. =P

ah wells..probably another 1.5 hrs to go before I get to go home.

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