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feels wrong to put this entry into the ‘Daily’ category, but that seems to be the best category.

the phrase ‘far-out’ has gotta be the most frequent phrase uttered by my landlady, and she does it in a really cute way. =P now why am I writing about her.

Cos she just had a baby last night! Well, she had a homebirth, and towards the later part of the night, we heard a newborn crying (she lives next door). Just earlier that night, I had popped over to hand her some biscuits that Donald and I had bought from Japan, and she was saying that she might have the baby that night cos she has been having contractions the entire day.

How cool is that? I mean, one day you have just one child, and the next day, you have two!

Sorta went to work with a ‘hmm, don’t know if I’m ready for kids now’ and a ‘how cool is having a kid!’ feeling. Not sure which one I’m feeling more. We went over this morning to have a look at the baby. I’ve never seen a baby less than 10 hours old before! Soooo tiny. Gosh!! Yeah, there’s still a little bit of cluckiness going on. =P I got a chance to hold him and it was so…‘awwww’.

Well, welcome into this world, Oscar! =)

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