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Just finished writing some Xmas cards..albeit a little belated, and absolutely done with the baking for tonight. Macaroons FAIL. =( Ah wells, will try again another time. I think the egg whites were a little too cold, so they stiffened the mix a little.

For some reason, I’m really feeling the love this Christmas. A good fuzzy feeling. Love from the very few important people in my life, and for that, I’m grateful.

I think it stemmed return call to Justina this arvo when I left work. She was doing some shopping, and we were talking about Donald. Donald and I share only one group of friends, and they were the friends we made in Tasmania, and who were part of our bridal party in Perth. I guess, having separate groups of friends in Singapore made me a little worried about how each of our group of friends would react to our other halves.

Obviously I worried for nothing. *grin*

I’m feeling the love cos I had a think about the few friends that mean alot of me. I had this conversation with Rachel last night about how the numbers just dwindle, and that it’s the friends whom I meet later in life that make such a bigger impact in my life. There are less than 10, but these people are so important to me.

I had a think whilst shopping today. And I think I can be strong because of these people. That I don’t really need to be so affected about what others think or say about me. I can be happy being myself. =)

Feeling the love cos Donald’s coming back this Saturday. *uber beam*

Feeling the love cos Ken’s offered to bring stuff back for me each time he flies to Perth.

Feeling the love cos Tina called me today and we had a laugh about Donald.

Feeling the love cos Joanna mentioned me in her blog.

Feeling the love cos I know two special guys who stood up for me, and that meant the world to me.

Feeling the love cos Sam took a picture of the Xmas card I sent him and I got a card back =)

Feeling the love cos my aunt, grandma and uncle sent me a 3-d Pooh Xmas Tree card. (awww =P)

Feeling the love cos I saw two awesome photos taken by the wedding photographer of me and my grandmas.

Feeling the love cos I think Thomas thinks the world of me. haha. *ego*

Ahh..it’s gonna be a special Xmas this year. =)

Merry Xmas!

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