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Earlier this week, one of my supplier cum friend invited me to a Christmas gathering at her place. It was a small group of her mummy friends, there was to be food and gift exchange. I was initially a little hesitant, worried that I would feel a little out of place, especially when I don’t know her friends. But hey, I was getting REALLY bored at home and I am sure the kids could do with some outdoor activities. Besides, she lived near enough so it was a win for us.

Got there, and man…it was all decked out in Christmas decorations. A proper tree with the works, more decor around the living room. The little table she set up outside for the food was decked out in decorations. There were even props for photo taking!

My house leh? WLE..er..the advent felt Christmas tree is done. And that’s about it. Hahaha. We never got past adding stuff into the advent calendar. I think I will do that next year when QT can participate and hopefully be talking more!

Anyhoos, there was food, there were ball pits, there were toys for the kids to entertain themselves. The moms could really mingle and chat. The gift exchange was funny, with the kids handing out their presents to the next kid that was selected. There was even gift exchange for the moms (I didn’t know that I had to bring one for the moms!).

But it was nice. And I really enjoyed it. It brought back a lot of memories of Christmas gatherings that my parents had with their friends when I was a kid. We would go to their friend’s flat, and the kids, who are my church mates and childhood friends, would play together, going a little crazy then. Of course, as kids, we were looking forward to receiving a lot of pressies too! I know I definitely had fun then!

So I decided that we should do something for our kids too. I quickly organised a small gathering for a few friends (with kids and hubbies) and we were discussing about the gift exchange. Whilst we were working out the details, I specifically said¬†NO VOUCHERS.¬†I am guilty of that! I mean it is the most practical gift to give a person, but somehow I felt that part of the meaning of gifting was lost. My friend then chimed in that we should also not gift “cups/mugs, photo frames, no Body Shop stuff” and I was like ‘OMG! Those are the best rules ever!’ hahaha. Seriously, these items are the most overused items for gifting. I know it is so convenient..but but..if I dun use, then very wasted leh!

I later added on that…”No Crabtree & Evelyn cookies!” hahaha. Yup. I think I have had enough of those for quite a few years. Now that we have had these rules in place, I am actually quite excited about finding a present! We ended deciding that we won’t do a generic gift exchange. Instead, we will have an angel/mortal system so that we can make a better choice at buying a present for the recipient.

Time to go shopping soon! =P

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