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I’ve got an issue with the food that I’m consuming lately. *sigh* no thanks to a certain ailment that only hits ladies. And it starts with P.

not period, but pregnancy. hello, my name is Justine and I’m three months pregnant.

My routine has just about gone haywire. From sleeping habits, to food intake, to daily life in general. Not that I’m unhappy about being pregnant, just taking time to adjust and transition into this thing called ‘motherhood’. Meh. It’s and me. I no longer enjoy chocolate (very picky about the type of chocolate related food, or chocolate that I eat), I get nauseous when I think about food, and it’s so hard to get into the mood for baking and cooking. It all depends on the moment.

e.g., this morning. I woke up with a mind to do a couple of things today, errands, doing some food prep, and well, hopefully some cooking/baking. I do have to bake a cherry cheesecake for dinner at Grandma’s tomorrow. Out of the three food items that I want to cook/bake, I ended up only doing 1. -_-” I intended to make some pasta for lunch, but that didn’t come to pass cos I had to finish the other half of my breakfast for lunch. MEH. I haven’t gotten down to prepping the ingredients for the cheesecake yet. At least I got the dumplings out.

It is making my life a wee bit miserable, cos my friends will know how much I enjoy food. No thanks to the baby, I’m reduced to picking food that suit for the moment, which includes moments like 20 mins ago where I couldn’t stop snacking on the freshly roasted Kent pumpkin that I had just taken out of the oven.

roasted Kent pumpkin

it was sweet, salty (I sprinkled some salt) and mushy. My kind of thing for the moment. I reckon when I roast more tomorrow to pack some for work on Monday, the novelty would have already worn off and Donald will end up having to take them to work. haha. kua kua.

But so far so good. The pregnancy hasn’t been that bad. I’ve had my good days and bad days, mostly good days, so I really can’t complain. For now..just in a wait and see phase till 6 months later!
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