four months

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so we are at the four months mark. and i said bye to nausea. yay!

it’s still there..on the rarest occasion but otherwise, mostly good. I even survived a high-tea buffet on National Day! Even Donald reckoned I did better than him with the food. Pace out the eating, slow and steady. Just like Donald shopping for shirts. -_-” And it was already the third time he had been into the shop to look for shirts!!

What is it with him and shopping?? Meh.

Anyhoos, life has gone on. There are days when I forget that I’m pregnant, especially when I get too busy at work, rushing around meeting people. Then when the exhaustion hits me, I remember that I’m pregnant, and go “oh shit!” . Talk about being scatter-brained. I’m so in denial about having to buy and wear maternity clothes. As you know, I’m a fashion idiot, and the last thing I want to do is to go out in some frumpy maternity wear. *grumbles* Maybe when I’m a little know, like when I’m about 2 weeks away from delivery date or something. haha =P

Recent two ultrasound scans have shown up that we may very likely be having a boy. Of course the doctors say we should wait for the 5th month scan to confirm it. Well, I’m just gonna go on the basis that we ARE having a boy. =P (unless we have another Mel incident..which is another story). So for now, please say hi to Oliver, or Ollie. *beams*

Think Donald is falling into his role as a dad very comfortably. A wee bit too comfortably. Instead of reading stories to Ollie, Donald has been slowly going through the multiplication tables, throwing in a revision every other day. Avi said not to undermine the effects of sublimal learning. Yeah, but still!! It is quite cute though. I think Ollie’s learning a fair bit about recruitment and interviews on my end. Hey, maybe he’ll be a fairly sociable baby. *shrugs*

Just last night, Donald had a pep talk with Ollie as we had to go for an amniocentesis this morning. It was a procedure where amniotic fluid would be drawn out for detection of chromosonal abnormalities, using a needle. It was a little endearing and cute to hear that pep talk. “Stay still and don’t touch the needle when it goes in. The doctor’s just going to take a bit of water from you.” Aww..shucks. =P

(this is the part where Donald is reading this entry and going, “there goes my reputation…” haha, love you. =))

The amniocentesis required about 20ml of amniotic fluids. It sounded very little. As did the 10ml of blood required for a part of a study that we had decided to participate in. Until we saw how much 10ml of blood looked like in a syringe. To be honest, I had thought the researcher was being greedy and had withdrawn more than required! Until she showed us that she had really drawn only 10ml of blood, that I realized that 20ml was going to be double that!! Would Ollie have enough water to swim in my tummy after the amnicentesis??

I think he was fine. =)

So it’s bedrest for both Ollie and me for the rest of the day, and for Donald to do all the work (he cooked yummy rice porridge for lunch earlier!).

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