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nasi goreng very nice

my parents, Donald and I went for a musical at the Esplanade last night. we bought the tickets slightly after buying Jay Chou concert tickets.

The last time I was at the Esplanade, my parents and I watched Beauty World. And before that I watched Forbidden City: Portrait of An Empress. All local productions which I thoroughly enjoyed. I do sincerely think that the musicals that Singaporeans produced do have a certain level of quality.

It’s nice to watch a musical with a local flavour to it. And I love the singing, the harmonising, the live orchestra.

Everything. =D

Fried Rice Paradise; Nasi Goreng Very Nice
That’s her speciality; 99 varieties

 I was singing that song at lunch today. haha. And my boss went, ‘that’s quite a popular song back then’. My colleague thought I was crazy and was singing nonsense. -_-”

We scored a pack of Prima paste after the musical. They were the official sponsors and were handing out samples to everyone after the musical.

It was a good night, albeit a little late, but nice night. =) Even the jam from the YOG wasn’t too bad.

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