Good Food & Wine show 2009

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meh, just like that, the Good Food & Wine show is gone.

James Squire Beer @ the Good Food & Wine Show 09

James Squire Beer @ the Good Food & Wine Show 09

We got a fantastic discount using the Entertainment Book, buy one get one free! =) So it basically cost $30 for the both of us with the discount when it would have normally cost us $60!! We got there early to get the tickets, and queued up with the rest of Perth to get it. haha. It was insane. Donald & I actually used the time to check out the map and the cooking sessions. I think this whole hype about the MasterChef Australia thing has rubbed off a little. I came to know about the Good Food & Wine Show (GFWS) via this food magazine that I subscribe to. According to Donald, a food & wine show that we went a couple of years ago was the GFWS. I beg to differ though. Bleh. Too bad we don’t have any evidence of the one that we went to a couple of years ago. haha. =P

We sampled so much when we were there. Cheeses (loads of cheese!), some chocolate, drinks, vodka (grapefruit & mango fusion vodka, yum!), beer, meats, and some gourmet food cooked up by known chefs that were sold at a ‘restaurant’ set up. Donald and I had a taste of the 4 different types of beer as shown in the picture above. My fav had to be the Sundown Lager, which was just recently released by James Squire earlier this year. Very light! Definitely a girl’s beer. Hehe. Donald went around the cheese stall a few times, which were selling 4 different kind of brands of cheeses, and sampled a range from each corner. Tried a really creamy brie. mmM. Still doesn’t beat the triple cream Camembret cheese that I had whilst travelling South-Western Australian with my parents last year. That was da bomb.

At the Fifth Leg Restaurant, which was the little restaurant set-up at the show, Donald tried the veal osso bucco by Tobie Puttock, whilst I went straight for a dessert, a Strawberry Tart with Champagne Sabyon. Major yum! The osso bucco was good too except I didn’t really fancy the polenta that went with it. Mash would have been good. =P Both dishes came with a glass of wine.

We didn’t have much cash with us, and were lazy to head out to the ATM to get more (which was probably good). We ended up leaving with a show bag of instant drinks from a stall, like vanilla coffee, chai tea & a really rich hot chocolate drink, and some samples for the cats! haha. I was surprised to see a couple of stalls catering for dogs & cats, and I told the staff so. They were like, ‘oh, these food are chef inspired!’ haha..okay. Anyways, Marcus and Thomas had a treat for supper..though Thomas was the one who basically finished up most of it. Tubby.

Going out for dinner tonight with family! =)

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