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i woke up this morning grumpy. Sorta. My back was still sore, and I still felt tired, even though I slept really early last night (11pm), after another hour long convo with Justina. I left the house even later than usual. So yeah.

It all changed when I heard this little miss sunshine over the wall. haha. See, the place that I’m rentingĀ is a duplex (semi-d in Singaporean speak) and my landlady lives next door. She’s got a 2-year old daughter called Charlotte. Charlotte talks. and boy can she really talk. I can have proper conversations with Charlotte. *grin*

Anyways, I was in the bathroom, which means that I can be heard in the backyard (that’s why I don’t sing in the shower….). I was coughing and then the lil miss said ‘who’s that coughing?’ . I grinned to myself and then half-yelled, ” Morning Charlotte!”. And she was like, ‘Donald’s outside!’ I could hear her pattering off.

a couple of minutes later, I heard a “I want to go to Donald’s house.”

It’s not that she REALLY likes Donald. I mean she does. haha. But she’s super shy around Donald. She calls me Donald. Monica (my landlady) reckons that when Charlotte talks about Donald, it’s actually about me. haha. Even when Charlotte comes over to my place and has a chat with Marcus (yes, she talks to my cats), she’ll tell them that she’s playing with Donald.

Pretty much the same way Daisy calls me “Nah-nah”. *sigh*

I digress. But yeah. I went out of the house, getting ready to go to work and I see the little ms walking out of her front door with Dad in tow, getting ready to come over. awwww. I had a quick cuddle with her, and a chat about what she had for breakky before I went off to work.

What a nice way to start the day. That gorgeous smile of hers sure makes me want to smile too. =D

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