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squealy Oliver

I love the above collage of Oliver. It’s currently my favourite set of photos of him, taken one morning where he was lying in his cot whilst I was clearing out the wardrobe. In order to entertain him in between, I was responding to his squeals with squeals which led to a squealing session for the both of us. My neighbours must be wondering what on earth is going on. The photos encompasses the very cheeky and cheerful personality he has most of the time.

We’ve finally fallen into a better routine that works for the both of us. It took us about a week before he settled into a routine of feeding every four hours instead of two, and taking regular naps in his cot instead of on me. It worked so well that I actually had the opportunity to make some chocolate peanut butter ice cream and brownies one day! Okay, maybe the ice cream recipe was a really simple one..compared to the chocolate malt ice cream the other time haha.

The process of settling into a routine was not an easy one. One that involved a lot of tolerance and patience. With every bit of tears and crying, I made up with lots of play time. The sudden increase in free time was a little unnerving, with me checking on him almost every other time, just to make sure he was alright. Yikes..oooo paranoia haha. Especially now that we allow him to sleep prone. Of course with experience, the fear gradually faded away. I was really happy that Oliver now allowed Donald to put soothe him to sleep (think it boosts Donald’s ego a little) haha. It really helps, knowing that I can occasionally take a break from having to soothe him, and it gives me the impression that this little improvement will allow Donald to bond with Oliver a little more.

The other day, I had a, what probably was a mad moment of insanity where I was wishing to get to cuddle another new born soon. With Oliver getting a little wee bit heavier, and more grown up, I actually missed the soft squishiness of a newborn. Bah. But nooooo..don’t worry. Not happening anytime soon. haha. I want to enjoy Oliver a little bit more.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that we would go on a short trip to Malacca with Oliver. Cue so many considerations. *groan* Drive, bus, fly. Now, Malacca is only 2-3 hours away by car. The nearest airport to Malacca was in KL, and to get from Malacca to KL would take 1.5 hrs. Bussing in would take 4 hours, but it would also mean there was no infant car seat. Aii…After much consideration (namely travellers plus lack of infant car seat), we decided that we would bus in. And then I started thinking about the stuff we would need to pack for Oliver for this 3 days 2 nights trip. It pretty much included moving half the flat along *wry grin*. At this rate, I think I had better start planning for his trip to Perth in 2014. We may need a truck to move stuff for Oliver +1 haha.

Today, we had a pretty decent day. Sun was out, nothing too scorching. We took him out for some window shopping, played with him over coffee & cake, and went to the Marina Barrage for a picnic. Oliver is due for a DMSA Renal Scan on Monday as a result of his hospitalisation stay back in March. It is basically to check if the UTI caused some scarring on his kidneys. It would require a radioisotope to be injected into Oliver for the gamma camera to pick up special images of his kidneys. Donald thought that it would be nice for take Oliver out and do things that Oliver might like to do before the scan. *sigh* I hope he is not too traumatised at having to have an IV plug inserted into him again. =(

Or rather, I am not too traumatised at that. Meh. On a bright side, if all images are cleared at the next follow up, Oliver will not have to be on antibiotics anymore!

Welp, if the weather is still brilliant, maybe we will bring him for a swim tomorrow. =D

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