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so we had a grand plan of having four kids, spacing the first three 2 years apart, and the last, maybe 1 year apart.

so #2 is right on schedule. the baby is due 15 March 2014, Ollie would be just slightly over two. Which should be a good timing.

Which got Donald and I talking one night, over dessert. And I had an another epiphany, cos Donald was griping a little about how we would be going back to midnight feeds, diaper changes..etc and we have just barely gotten over that with Ollie.

With four kids, we are gonna be stuck at this phase for a reaaaaaaaaaaally long time. Good lord. For that moment, the thought of having one kid was..tempting. We could move on from where we are now..just steadily progressing, instead of a slight regression and one progression. Of course, like my fellow SAHM, D, said, It is too late now!


It has gotten a little overwhelming at times. I try not to think too much about handling two kids. Recently read a tweet on my Twitter feed about how both a newborn and an almost 2yo were crying their heads off. I shudder to think about myself in that scenario. I have been left alone with a friend’s 4mo and Ollie for an hour, and it was pretty okay. Granted that Ollie wasn’t that BIG into walking then, and the 4mo was sleeping for a good part of it.

Just gotta go with the flooooooow. Ohhhmmmmmmm.

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