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the weather these couple of days have been atrocious.

And so is my temper as a result of lack of sleep and an annoying cough. Ollie has been trying his luck with the things that he does. Pushing ALOT of boundaries. Basically, testing my patience. Argh.

So cue a fair bit of yelling at him, which I rarely do, and I think he is a little taken aback at it. He does stop what he is doing, accede to my requests subsequently, albeit with a really sad face, the kind that will lead to crying if he is pushed a little more. I do feel bad almost immediately because I think that I am taking my frustrations out on him. This has happened for the past couple of days. And it is making me rethink the whole having another kid thing seriously. Like OMFG, if this is what it is already like with two, aren’t I looking to kill myself with three like this!?!

And then suddenly, yesterday, things just seemed to take a turn for the better. Ollie had a really long afternoon nap, and he woke up in a really good mood. We laid around in bed post nap, taking silly photos with Quentin between us; Ollie snuggled next to his brother. It was all really good. This was followed by him deciding that he will read his books quietly, with Quentin nearby lying on the play gym. I then decided that it might be safe to go cook dinner.

Now, Ollie has been prone to hitting his brother when he is in a grumpy mood. He would just smack QT on the head/face with no warning, so I had been a little wary of leaving the two of them alone for a while. But I can’t always be too wary, so I thought it should be fine this time round.

And fine, it was. QT was starting a fuss a little after about 5 minutes. What happened next made me change my mind about everything and anything else about kids. In a good way. Haha. Ollie rushed next to QT and tried to soothe him by stroking his head, and saying “it’s okay” repeatedly. In addition to that, Ollie remembered how I taught him to play with QT on the play gym, and he started rattling some of the toys hanging on the play gym to distract QT. And it seemed to work. It bought me another 10 minutes..after I caught the exchange on video as well. I know I know..typical parent videoing every moment on the phone.

What on earth just happened there?? Where was that grumpy/grouchy kid that I have been dealing with lately?? My heart melted at what I saw. Like what one article I read earlier this week stated, seeing the love between the kids will be what makes me want to have another kid. And what I saw at the moment and for the next 5 minutes was everything that made me want to have another kid. Like now. *cue Donald fainting somewhere*

It also reminded me that Ollie wasn’t being malicious in his actions. And that this phase one day shall pass. We were just having a couple of bad days and that Ollie is still my boy with lots of love to share. Looks like we’ll have to have the AC on each time the both of us are having our bad days, it might just help to ease off the heat!

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