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things have been hectic in the Tings household for the past..month or so.

I recently made the decision to start an online retail store, and it has somewhat taken over my other life. Haha. You know, the life which starts after the kids have gone to bed. And then work takes over.

I was chatting with a good friend, M, earlier this morning, and she said she had been thinking about me for the past two weeks, how I was coping with the boys. Productivity at work has gone up, productivity at home has gone down. Most of my brain cells have been dedicated to my work. Bedtime is now at an unearthly 2am, and I manage a catnap when I put QT down for his first nap, and then take a short nap in the arvo with the boys before I am back at it on the mobile phone.

Managing a thread on the forum. Looking for more products. Slowly learning the trades. It has been one helluva ride.

The whole thing took a life of its own when I spoke to a mom that I got to know on a motherhood forum. We had been talking about how the money was in diapers and all. Both of us are just moms who wanted to earn that extra buck, who wanted to have that option of eventually being able to stay home with the kids and have some income to help out with finances. Well, for me at least.

With Donald’s help and support, we kicked off the development of the website. And that was most of it. Layouts, landing pages, SEO, products, the backend work of coding all the products on hand, pricing, making sure the website worked. Trying to figure out how to work the template took me ALMOST a week. That did not include figuring out how I wanted my layout to be. All these between QT waking up every 3 hours at night, and having him sleep against my chest whilst I worked through the night.

Now, we are almost there. Must be patient and not be too eager, and raise expectations. Argh. There’s still heaps of admin work to do, and some loose ends to tie up which will take me the next couple of weeks. But has it been worthwhile?

Yes, and no.

Yes, in that I have something that I enjoy doing. Something that could potentially bring us some additional income. Yet, there is always that fear of failing at the back of my head. So much work put in that it is REALLY too late to back out. Haha.

And just a little bit of a no, I think it has taken me away from the kids a little. They still get me for most of the day, but half my mind is somewhere else. To compensate, I have been taking the kids out, Ollie to the library or to hang out with some of my friends who have kids of their own too. But there are days where Ollie says ” Ollie wants to go home. Ollie don’t want to go out”. And I feel guilty. bleh.

At least things have slowed down a lot more. I reckon I will be focussing on these few products first, however paltry. Haha. And I reckon my kids need me back. And my husband needs me back too. Haha. It’s going to be a fun ride, and a challenge handling work and two kids. But hey, nothing like upping the ante by having another one soon eh?

No I’m not pregnant, just in case you are wondering.

So, give me a lift, share the word around, support me mentally, emotionally..and spiritually. Please meet the latest “baby”, Big Little Me.

for the BIG me & little me.

for the BIG me & little me.

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