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honey I’m home!

that’s exactly what I texted my mom when the plane was still taxiing down the runway. heh.

I was so excited yesterday, gearing up for the trip home, waiting to get away from the cold! Heat, I need loads of heat! Who cares about winter! I think somewhere in my brain, I’ve got this image of stepping into sunny Singapore, eating glorious food, chilling at home with the parents, and close friends..the works.

And I always forgot this tiny little thing. the humidity. OH, the humidity. To think I’m always talking about my cats having a 5-second memory when I have a selective memory. (and i miss my babies tremendously!!) Bah.

It was good catching up with my closest friends last night. They are going to be people who are helping me out for my big day in Singapore. I was a little worried if they would be about to click. *sheepish* Okay, come on, we are adults..of course it would be fine! Had wanted to eat a Sushi Tei but with a 45min wait..we went to look for alternatives, and ended up at this Chinese retro-ish cafe called Lulu Cafe Restaurant. The food wasn’t too bad. I shared a massive spicy beef hotpot with Justina, ordered a bowl of soup to share, and a mango pomelo drink, which was awesome! Okay, wasn’t really paying attention to what the other girls were having. hahah. And because I was absolutely starving, I didn’t take any pictures. But I will soon!

Speaking of closest friends, I was a little amused at my selection of friends to be my ‘jie meis’ (sisters/helpers) for the big day in Singapore. I’ve got Serene, whom I met in Tasmania; Justina, my polytechnic classmate; Joanna, a childhood friend (was closer with her elder sister previously); and Andrew, a really good friend. Usually, the bride selects a group of people from the same group of friends. I’ve sorta done the opposite. But it was fun last night. I believe they were people who wanted me to have my day. I was really clueless about what I wanted to do on that day (17th October). To quote Serene, ‘you see her face, it says clueless. she really doesn’t know what she has to do lor!!’ hahaha. So they are gonna go help me out with it. I love these guys to bits!! =)

I’m starting to really dig that Asian theme though!!

Anyways, I’m starving (again!) and need to go find some breakfast. Crap, if I’m always this hungry when I’m normal, what am I going to be like when we start having kids?? =(

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