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Ollie playing with QT

Ollie playing with QT

we had a good weekend. By good, I mean we were almost toddler-free for the whole weekend. =P It’s not that we were desperate to farm him off to the grandparents. We asked him, he said yes, and off he went. So…*calculates* I think in total, we had Ollie with us for like 8 hours the entire weekend. Well, up till now at least.

So….what did we do? *shrugs* you know, the usual, lots of hot sex. NOT. Okay, you didn’t need to know that. Right.

We caught up with each other. We went for brunch, we went grocery shopping together, we did some chores together. Donald had some one-on-one time with QT. I even had time to make some rempah! Although deseeding dried chillies is another story altogether..*grumbles*

Donald and I were working out some issues a couple of weeks ago. I guess a lot of it had to do with expectations and the lack of time spent together. I knew that we needed couple time to remind us that we are husband-and-wife, but I didn’t know how much the lack of it would affect us, or rather me. We decided that we should spend some time without the kids last Sunday and caught a movie together (omg, Hugh Jackman *drools*). It was awesome. I guess we just needed to step outside of the house and go on a date. I can’t do the stay-at-home-and-talk thing. I end up catching up on household chores cos…I’m just at home. Then it totally defeats the purpose of having a date. Hah.

Sometimes I worry a little about handing Ollie over to others to care for him. Ollie is close to his grandparents and is pretty much okay with spending a lot of time with them. But when he comes back home, he is a little clingy to me. Mondays are usually spent catching up and settling back down to the weekday routine with him. These days, he has been a little more clingy to me. Just last morning, he came into my room, said matter-of-factly “Ollie want to sleep with mummy.”, climbed into my bed and snuggled up next to me.

BLISS. It is so nice to hear that and then have him snuggled next to me, holding my hand. Treasuring every moment like this until the day he goes “MOM!” in an annoyed tone when I try to give him a hug. Haha.

He is dealing a lot better with QT now, and actually tries to imitate the way I play with QT on the jungle gym. Earlier this evening, Ollie ran up to QT, who was on the sofa, and rattled all the mobiles on the jungle gym, naming all of the items on it to QT. I think I’m getting more and more in love with my kids. *in loud whisper* I can’t wait to have the next one!! hahahaha.



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