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lemon meringue tart


now that we are more or less settled into our new place, Donald and I thought it might be time to invite some people over to our place for a meal, do a housewarming shingdig, and chill.

The usual practice in Singapore is that, you’d engage some food caterers, invite everyone and then show them around your place, and hopefully get to mingle and talk with everyone. That was what my parents’ did..and probably any other rellies (relatives) too. As we all probably know by now, Donald and I don’t go down the usual route. We decided that we’d invite various groups of people over for a meal and get some time to actually mingle and have a proper conversation. As for food, I’m damn proud of my kitchen, so of course I’d cook. =)

Speaking of which, let me digress..I can’t wait for the meat I ordered to arrive on Monday!! Got a contact via a colleague and a group of us got down to ordering some meat and snaggers from this wholesaler at really decent prices. I saw the list, and I got really excited, cos there were lamb racks, boneless lamb legs, sirloin steaks, bratwursts..etc. I mean I probably could get them from supermarkets like Cold Storage, or Jasons, but they are so expensive! I’m clueless about getting them from the wet market as well, so ordering them this way was a great idea. My total damage at this point in time is about …S$200. I know, that’s paying alot of meat, but we’re looking at quantities of 2kg pork spare ribs, 4kg lamb chops, 2kg lamb racks..and I wouldn’t have to order them for a while! Red meat makes me  happy. =)

Now, going back to the topic. We had our 2nd housewarming session today. Our first was with the paternal side of my family last Saturday. I was slogging in the kitchen from 11.30am till about 5.30pm when I finally put the pizza on the pizza stone in the oven. That’s not counting the hour I spent at the supermarket when I just got back from a work trip, and the other hour at the wet market getting more ingredients.

I spent less time this time around, probably because I prepped alot of my ingredients the night before, and I was repeating alot of the dishes I made the week before, so I’m the guru now. hahaha. Then something happened which sorta threw the spanner in the works. I have a really awesome knife which I won, courtesy of Food&Travel magazine. And I sliced my thumb chopping spring onions, an ingredient that I didn’t even need for the dishes I intended to cook!! BAAAAAH. It hurt sooo bad (all good now tho, just have to be careful in case it splits open again). So I had to put the kitchen apprentice in the kitchen. haha. Donald got to slice, dice, chop, peel all the ingredients I needed, and I just cooked with my good hand. It sure does feel nice to have everything prepped, and you cook, and somebody picks up the rest and does the washing. *hint hint*. =P

Anyhoo..this is going to be 2 of the 7 housewarming parties we are probably going to have. I’ll probably have to change the menu, cos my parents can’t be eating the same dishes twice, if I were to repeat the dishes for the maternal side of the family. least the lamb will be in then! mmM..rosemary lamb..*drools*

okay, off to chill!

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