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Contemplating going swimming later. But I’m gonna end up sweating even more. Sure, you’re in the cool water, but what happens when you step out of the swim and head back home? You sweat, cos your body’s still in exercise mode. -_-”

Was gonna head out for dinner with Joanna tonight, but something cropped up at the last minute. Bah. =P Ah wells, another night perhaps! Spent the day reading a book, magic-cleaning the floor, doing some work for a client, playing Restaurant City, and then some job hunting. I reckon I can’t keep looking for jobs on a daily basis. There would be nothing. It has to be on alternate days or something.

All that waiting..zzzz.

Marcus exploring.

Last evening, Donald had the window open and then Marcus decided that he’ll come out of his little corner (where he’s coming out from in the photo), and check out life outside the bubble called a house. Both Donald and I went “woah!” when he did that. haha. We don’t know if the cats will jump out of the windows yet, but we’re not about to take any chances. haha. But I think they are cool, they are happy where they are and probably won’t head out.

The boys are currently dead to the world. I reckon even the humidity is too much for them to bear. I think Marcus is really smart. He’s been dying to go inside our bedroom, but after 2 nights of ignoring the scratching and meowing, he’s not done anything last night! Either that, or I was dead to the world too. haha. Chances are that I think Marcus got the idea that he won’t be able to enter the room.

Now Thomas. He got into BIG trouble. I had left the bedroom door open for like 2 secs and he snuck in, and before I could do anything, our dear little friend went under the bed. No poking or prodding him with the magic-clean stick could get him out. -_- I had to crawl under to drag him out. BAD BAD CAT!!

Been applying for some jobs for the past couple of days. It’s unfortunately a waiting game. Meh. Lunch with Grandma on Thursday, and then with the parents on the same night. I get to cook! Time to check out some decent recipes to try. haha. =)

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