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“I forgot what it was like to kiss” I told Daddy Ting the other night, after we had a snog.

Not the heated passionate type of snog that would..er lead to other things. But just a simple snog.

It’s true. I had forgotten.

These days, we share pecks on the cheeks and lips. A peck on the cheek before he heads off to work. A peck on the lips before we head off to bed in separate rooms (he co-sleeps with the boys). I only get my husband back on Saturday nights when the boys stay over at my parents’ place. All other nights, he is Daddy Ting.

I had a bad sleep debt and it was making my memory shitty. Post partum brain is..bad. Writing reminders on the planner helps but sometimes it just doesn’t register even though it is staring at me in the face. WTH. And because of my shitty memory, I get more uptight as I try to remember stuff, which in turn led to poorer sleep. That horrible vicious cycle.

It was really nice have the husband back and sink into that embrace post-snog. And sleep. It was a rare treat cos most other Saturday nights, we work a little later and then he just flops on the bed and sleep (men…pfffpt). But that night, I fell asleep first. Wah shiok.


I forget how quickly my 4-year-old is growing up.

1 month shy of turning 5

I mean, look at the photo! He looks so damn grown up! What a world of difference styled hair and smart clothes make. Ahem, *shameless plug* the clothes are from Gocco (outlet is in Paragon, 4th floor) and I really do like the range of clothes! Who’d have thought red pants would look so good on kids!

But yes, whilst walking home from the carpark one night, Oliver was walking ahead of us. Donald and I were staring at the back of him, and just thinking how quickly time had flown. It was a lot of firsts for us with Oliver, and in a blink of an eye, he is almost 5. It brought back memories. First steps, first day of school.

Soon it’ll be first girl hor?

I’m blessed to have this kid who is very independent. Going out is a breeze with the kids cos he is willing to look out for his brother and the people around him (tho really depend on people lar). There are times he would actually put a hand out to prevent someone from moving ahead because he thinks there is a potential danger ahead.

Whut? You’re only 4, and I’m an adult! But my heart is warmed. He is looking out for us.

I wonder if I’m placing a lot of pressure on him to perform as the eldest child. That he should look out for the younger ones. That he should be setting an example.

And I forget he is also a child. That he is supposed to be a child. That he behaves because he is only 4.


I forget that the middle child should also be treated the same way I treat the oldest child. I forget that just because the older kid can deal with emotions better, it doesn’t mean I brush off the middle child.

otw to Sentosa in the cable car!

He has been talking a lot more now, albeit in broken sentences and not so fantastic pronounciation, but it is easier to communicate with him.

He loves playing with Sarah and gets so excited when she looks and smiles at him.

‘mummy! Mei mei look me!’ Yes, darling. She did, didn’t she?

Come next year, he will join Oliver in school. So fast. Donald and I were talking about it a couple of nights ago and grinned at the mental image of Quentin in school uniform.

So cuuuuute’ we cooed. Hahahah crazy parents we are.

We went school shoes shopping last weekend, to get new shoes for Oliver. I felt guilty towards Quentin. He was forever gonna have second hand shoes. ‘He doesn’t know, and besides the shoes are in such good condition. Oliver didn’t even wear it for long.’ rationalised Daddy Ting.

But still…Never mind, you get all the 好料 food wise okay? Kor kor 不识货 haha.



She turns 3 months old tomorrow.

Oh baby girl. I feel like I’ve missed out so much during the first month of your life. No thanks to that few days of hospital stay, and then later when I underwent surgery.

I’ve forgotten what it was like to be pregnant with you. I’ve forgotten what the delivery and post delivery was like. I only live in the now.

But your smiles. I absolutely heart your smiles. The ones you give when you see me first thing in the morning. When I play with you. When its bath time.

Your coos. OMG. The way you grab hold of me when you feed.

You’re the bestest…only cos you sleep through the night!!

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