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Two incidents that happened in a span of less than 24hrs have led to this post. It irks me to no end when I feel that people take things for granted, or think that they have an entitlement. A request ends up sounding like they are doing me a favour. This post may lose me some customers, but I think I still stand by my views.

Incident #1 occurred last night. See, I am a member of a FB page for mums and dads and of course, whilst I am there, I occasionally shamelessly plug my business to parents who potentially have needs or are looking for a solution. BUT I offer them a sample to try first. No hard selling. You try it, you like it, perhaps you buy from me. If not, I hope I have shared an alternative that you may consider in the future.

And yes, I left my number on one of the business threads. And yes, I do get requests from people looking for sponsors for some of the events. There are people who take their time to speak with me about their requests, and then thank me for their time even tho I kindly reject their request. There are those who just tell me what they want, then go along the lines of ‘so can sponsor or not’. Not in the exact way, but similarly. And then when I kindly reject them, they just reply with an ‘ok.’ Nothing else. Not even a thank you. A brush off cos you are no longer of use to them.

I am not asking for a kowtow just so you can score freebies from me. I am asking for basic courtesy. People like you who behave that way, makes me want to NEVER ever sponsor anyone again. At the end of the day, I am running a business. I would like to help everyone and we do, we do help in our own way. I rather spend time customising a package FOR FREE for someone who has specific needs, regardless whether I get a return sale or not.

Either that, or to the organiser, please change the person who is in charge of sponsorships. At the rate that person is going, you guys are never getting anything sponsored.

Incident #2: at the post office this morning.

I was at the SAM at the post office this morning, buying postage labels. There are two machines and I was in the midst of placing the order. Lady at the machine next to me had left but because she placed some heavy stuff on the weighing machine next to the SAM, the postal officer had to come calibrate the weighing machine, taking some time. So the lady who was initially queuing for the SAM next to me, ended up queuing behind me. Then…she strikes up a convo in Mandarin

Lady: Oh you buying postage labels. Why don’t you buy it at the counter?
Me: Well, sometimes when I buy it there, they tell me to come to buy it at the SAM cos it will take time. So since there isn’t anyone using the machine, I just buy it here.
Lady: it should be faster at the counter, how can it be faster at the machine? *sees the amount the machine is printing* oh you bought so many stamps.
Me: *getting irked* yeah, over 50 . So you looking to pay your bills at the SAM?
Lady: yeah, why do you even buy so many stamps? People don’t use stamps these days. They send emails
Me: *in utter WTF mode now* I run a business. I need to use stamps for my parcels. Why don’t YOU go to the counter and pay your bills since there isn’t anyone queuing up now?
Lady: They don’t accept NETS at the counter.

Postal officer looks at me, and we almost say at the same time: They accept NETS at the counter

Lady: oh they do? I’m too used to using the SAM to pay, I rather do it here *looks pointedly at the postage labels that are still spitting out of the SAM* you should buy your stamps at the counter next time.

OMFG. Seriously? My life would get SO MUCH shorter cos of people like this.

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