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chores done for day. Now to chill till about 3pm, and then I’m off for an interview.

having said that, I’ve got work that’s yet to be done. well, there isn’t a deadline yet, but I should finish it up as soon as possible. I’ve been busy with job hunting (though that’s slowed down a fair bit), and finally deciding what I should with my life.

news flash though. Donald and I have found a place and have gotten it too!! *throws confetti in the air*. Yes, good things did happen on our 6th month Perth-wedding anniversary. =) I wanted flowers, but hey, a flat will do. hahahaha. No need diamond also. =P *points to husband* stop smiling, and laughing. I know you’re doing it.

we went to bed early last night cos we were exhausted from the late night before. Saturday night was spent talking to the real estate agent and then negotiating before heading off to Blk 85 for supper with my parents cos my mom had just flown in around that time from Japan. ending up sleeping about 2am, and I still got up early the next morning, damn body clock. so, we were in bed by 9.30pm, and then was about to doze off when the text came in at 10.15pm saying the seller has accepted our new offer, after much deliberation on how much higher we were going to go before we drew the line.

who cares about sleep now man. got up, got out of the room and made a call to my mom. Donald couldn’t sleep either, for a bit and then he finally konked out. I ended up reading through renovation forums, and looking at the floor plan purchased from HDB for $5, and deciding how we could get a walk-in wardrobe in our room. *laugh* I ended up sleeping at like 2am, AGAIN.

how exciting. *grin* moving on to another chapter of our lives, and then we should be able to move in before Xmas. =D absolutely can’t wait!! =)

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